I don't learn my lesson. After every England match I think to myself, why on earth did I just watch that pile of turd. I think as Arsenal fans we take for granted the level of quality football played at our club. It was enjoyable to see England and Spurs number 1 make a cock up like that though. I'm sure they all laughed at Lehmann last weekend so they deserve it.
But hey, lets not get excited. Jens had a mistake match next up is Manchester City, lets hope that there is not a pattern following.

The daily express claim that Arsene is close to signing a three deal worth 9milion a year. (that is 3milion a year for any thick people out there)
And they say that there will not be any special clauses to allow Arsene to walk away whenever he likes. Lets wait until it comes out officially.

A source close to Arsenal Vision 'understands' that Berty boy has been bigging up Crozilian superstar Eduardo as the best player in world football. 'Eduardo joining us is the best thing to happen to this club, Henry wasn't fit to tie up his boots. Infact its a good thing that he left because his dance with Adebayor was getting on my last nerve my samba moves are much better than that' claims the source.

More Arsenal rumours have been surfacing. Apparently we have a Honduran winger on trial. But to be honest, I can't be bothered to talk about after all the bullshit so far this season.

I hope Arsene has an eye on his Calendar as the days a ticking away until the close of the Transfer window.

Other movement has been going on over the last 24 hours. Robben has moved to Real Madrid from Chelsea for around the 21 Million mark which will be a good deal for both clubs. If Robben is given the freedom to attack and not think that much about defending then he will cause problems to many a defence in La Liga.
It looks like Chelsea are now balancing the books at long last. They are selling Robben so they can move for Alves of Seville.

Real Madrid have bought two Dutch wingers in Drenthe and Robben. I would like to know what they want to do with Robiniho unless they are looking at Drenthe as an attacking leftback because that was originally his position. I hope Arsene has his eye on Robinho because I feel he would do wonders at our club. Alot of people think he is too fragile for the Premiership but I just believe that he would need to be caught first. Reyes often ran right into players and it was pretty easy to stop him. Robinho has wonderfully quick feet and would skip past the likes of Savage like they were not there. But lets be honest, Robinho will be out of our price range, so I may as well end the dream there.

I feel sorry for Rafa Benitez's wife as he must have been in a foul mood hearing about Henize's departure to Real Madrid. He is not a happy bunny about the whole thing.