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It appears that some people do not understand my humour, so let me try and explain to some people that the MyVision section is a light hearted way of me informing people of the latest Arsenal news. On yesterdays post I mentioned (jokingly) that Gilberto was saying that Henry wasn't fit to lace Eduardo's boots. Maybe this isn't funny but.....OBVIOUSLY THIS ISN'T TRUE, JEEZZ!!! I try and make my articles (In the articles section) as serious and detailed as possible with my own views, just as I have with the Can Eduardo and Van Persie work? article.

So if you cannot understand sarcasm or me poking fun out of myself (i.e. the Arsene contract thing) then either read the article section or go elsewhere.

Why is there this culture of insulting comments, articles etc. Every blog I go to has the same thing, I just do not see the point. Please do not do this here.

Now that is out of the way, I can get back to the real stuff.

I mentioned that Arsene may 'rest' Lehmann if the mistakes continued but it looks as if Jens is 'injured'

Jens Lehmann did mention something in his press conference before the England Germany match about the reason why he did make the Blackburn mistake but he didn't say because of the England press. So maybe it was about his Achilles injury, you never really know the full truth.

It does seem likely that Manuel Almunia will start in between the sticks and good luck to him. Lets hope his turn in goal will be better than the last time he replaced Lehmann in the Premiership.

Its also great that Gilberto and Adebayor are back, we miss the physical side of the pair of them when they are not there.

I have a good feeling that this will be a very positive match for young Theo. He will be on a high after his under 21's performance and could be too hot to handle for the Manchester City left back. I assume that Richards will be covering his fullback to deal with his pace. But I am going to put my head on the line and say that Theo will score and get man of the match.

Sven has been speaking about how he wants to turn Manchester City into Arsenal. After watching England play under him it will be interesting to see how he goes about trying to do that.

The full match preview can be read Here

Well that's it for today, sorry for the tone it but it needed to be said.

Until tomorrow

  • 15 Sep 2015
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