Its just typical. The time when news comes in thicker and faster than Glenn Helder is the time when I am unable to update the site. I have broken my laptop due to water. Not best pleased. I have been away from my main computer so I have not been able to update the site. Because of this I feel that I have missed out on very interesting conversation *sniff*

I will make up for it by going over the same crap in my next AV Chat which will probably be out on Monday.

So super Dein is back with his red and white cape and his side kicks. I don't like the idea of all this to be honest. Its interesting how the board and Arsene are saying that we have buckets of cash and Deiny boy is saying that Arsenal need an injection of cash to take us up another level. All I can say is.. fight, fight, fight, fight!!

The late transfer strikes again! Lassana Diarra has signed from Chelsea in the last minutes. I am waiting for Robinho to follow him, but I maybe wasting my time.

Arsene says:

"Lassana is a multi-functional player, making him a great addition to our squad. Not only is he hard working, he has a creative edge and is comfortable playing in the middle of the pitch or at right back"

I am all for additions to the squad but, correct me if I am wrong here. Don't we sort of have central players coming out of our bum cracks? Cesc, Gilberto, Diaby, Denilson, Flamini, Hleb, Rosicky, Song. Thats eight players who would rather play in central positions.
Having said all this. If this means that I never have to see Song in an Arsenal shirt then its the best signing of the season. A bit pissed that the wide issue hasn't been resolved to be honest.