Morning all,

So Seville join us in our champions league group. It was expected to be honest. They are a strong side who keep the ball well and will not be afraid to attack Arsenal which is good and bad for us,

The Av Chat will be delayed for a little while. I haven't had the chance to put anything together just yet but I will have one before the Spurs game.

Gilberto has come out in support of Arsene's spending policy. The Brazilian said

"It's a big gamble when clubs spend big money for each new season but we do not spend.

"But while we haven't spent a lot of money, we have been playing together for a few years now.

"That makes a difference in the game because we all know each other - if I pass to Cesc Fabregas he knows exactly where the forwards will be. That's important.

"We must keep focused because other clubs have made some very good signings.

"Arsene has his policy of signing players and he does what he believes is right for the club.

"He spends as little as possible and that helps the club when they do need to spend money."

I heard the fact that our team against Portsmouth was assembled for about £30 million, which is madness when you think that Chelsea reserve Shevchenko costs the same. This should make some fans who want us to spend big money think a little. I would rather have Robin Van Persie (24) than have an over aged slow 'superstar'

Have a good day all, and for Londoners. I hope you are enjoying the fun tube situation, because I am not!