At long last. Its great news for us and our young team. All we need to do now is fend off these takeover bids and everything will be rosy in the Arsenal garden.

As you know its dragged on quite a while now, but now we can concentrate on the rest of the season after a very good positive start. Arsene is vital to our club and is more important than any of the players that we have. I would go as far as to say if I had a choice between the whole squad and Arsene I think I would choose Mr Wenger as I would trust him to build another quality squad capable of winning trophies.

Danish Bad Boy Bendtner is up for a ruck with Arsene. The youngster is demanding answers as to why he was left out of the squad against Portsmouth. Get over yourself! He knew he was fourth choice when he came back. He is supposed to work hard and wait for his chance like Clichy did, like Almunia has done. I do like him as a player but that is not the correct attitude fella!

Just heard some boxers talking on Sky Sports and I was thinking, imagine if football managers started talking like that, wouldn't it just add excitement to the game. I can hear it now.

Reporter: So Arsene, do you feel you can get a victory at White Hart Lane?

Arsene: But of course, err, they better be ready for a beating! My players are err mentally ready to dish out a proper out and out ass whopping, they better be scared!

Reporter: What about Berbatov, will he be a problem?

Arsene: Problem? What problem? Toure is going to kick him into next week!

I think it would work, don't you?

Right I am off. I will have time to do the Av Chat before the Spurs match. Have a good day ya'll!