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Good afternoon, A late entry today due to a drunken 30th birthday party and being on the other side of London. I think its a good enough excuse anyway. Well the gloves are off aren't they? I was talking about managers talking like boxers a few days ago and I think Jens Lehmann must have read my post because he was in fine form talking about his ememy colleague. The mad one said:

"I am without a doubt mentally the strongest player at Arsenal because I have more experience,"

"There will always be a keeper who will play better for two or three matches but I have never seen anyone do this for ten games.

"I know that I have an advantage at Arsenal and that I can keep it. I don't see any young supermen keeping me out.

"I know I will be playing again at Arsenal. The coach will let me play.

"He knows it, and I know it - it doesn't matter if I have another week out.

"I have read that Almunia said he deserves to be the No 1 but until now he has not won a single important game."

Its pretty clear that they don't like each other. Its quite a coincidence that Jens doesn't get on with Oliver Kahn either in the German squad. I think it must be a problem with everyone else, they keep on picking on him and make him the mad way that he is! erm... yep, that's the one. I have to say though, I do admire the mans confidence. I do agree in a way though, when both keepers are on form, I would go with Lehmann every time.

Arsenal and Croatia striker Eddie Eduardo Dudu DaSilva was at it again. He just can't help himself can he? Another two goals for his country. Nice goals as well I must add.

The first was a cheeky overhead kick from close range, a real goal scorers goal. And the other was cut back to him from outside the area and he bent it high past the keeper. Two different goals, but both very impressive.

I think its time to see a bit more of Eddie starting in the Arsenal side. If he could get scoring and the midfield can continue then we could rack up a tasty total at the end of the season.

Arsene has been praising the Arsenal board for all the support that they have shown in him. Lets be honest, any board would support the work of Monsieur Wenger.

Thats all for now, I am going to put my feet up and enjoy the rest of Sunday if I may.

Back earlier tomorrow.

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