Happy Tuesday to you all,

I do love Tuesday, its my night off away from the kids and girlfriend and I can put my energies into playing some full size action packed football!

I think its a close one between watching Arsenal on top form and you having a great match.

Peter Hill-Wood has come out saying that we don't need a billionaire, and we have no intension of selling. Which is nice to hear from my point of view. Of course it doesn't mean anything right now but its nice to hear that.

He said:

"The major shareholders have no intention of selling and wouldn't welcome an offer."

"We will have a dialogue with any principal or major shareholder. If they have got some sensible proposals we will listen to them"

Hilly Boy also revealed that Dein would not be one of them. "I see no major point in that. I've had 25 years of listening to him,"

What I have noticed about Peter Hill-Wood is that he never speaks his mind. Always beating around the bush. Haha

I was just browsing through the newsnow feed (as you do) and I noticed that Freddie Ljungberg is back in West Ham training and it occurred to me just how much we really do not miss him whatsoever. When is was with us either he was injured or if he played he ran up to a full back, turned back and played it to the nearest Arsenal player.... FOR THE WHOLE MATCH!
I think its quite amusing that when he left he said that we lacked ambition. Lacked ambition? Freddie, who do you play for again?

Adebayor has confirmed his desire to get back into the International squad for the ACN. That point there maybe the time when we see Eduardo establish himself as a first choice Arsenal striker if not before.

Right, gossta go. Need the loo before my train arrives