So a little bit of pressure has been applied to the side for the first time and certainly not the last time of the season. Manchester United played some lovely stuff in the second half as they battered Wigan 4-0. We have two games in hand on Manchester United so winning is important to help build up any advantages that will need in the difficult matches. Sunderland shouldn't be a difficult match, but it will need alot of hard work and concentration as Arsene would put it.

I got some criticism for my Van Persie article yesterday HERE and obviously I don't expect everyone to agree with me but at least put across constructive comments, not just 'A load of rubbish' that pisses me off. My opinions are always right, the same way your opinions are always correct to you. To be honest, most people do but there are the odd few who have a penis for a brain.

Jens has been doing alot of talking again. I wonder if Arsene spoke to Lehmann after the outburst a few weeks ago, if he didn't well perhaps he should have.

"Almunia has also said a lot in the past," said Lehmann in an interview to be published in Der Spiegel magazine on Monday. "He hasn't won anything for us yet.

"Once he even said he was one of the best in Europe. But his performances have not made me have any serious concerns."

I really think that Jens should just speak his mind and stop beating around the bush.

I do believe that Lehmann is still the better keeper out of the two but Arsene won't be able to drop Almunia who has only conceded a few goals since being in the first team. Will be interesting after a few weeks of training what happens.

My stomach is hurting and my cornflakes is in the fridge (nothing better than soggy cornflakes with sugar! mmmm)

My prediction before I go is that Arsenal beat Sunderland 2-0, Van Persie brace and it is about time he scored a freekick.