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Morning to you all,

I am in good sprits today. I feel refreshed and ready to take on Monday.

The win yesterday will be good for our team because it would have taught them a valuable lesson, don't think your the dogs danglers until you have some trophies in the cabinet.
The first 15 minutes we played some lovely exciting stuff and I thought we would beat the record number of premier league goals in a game but then I think I heard Van Persie shout to the other players lets see if we can only use our wrong feet and shut our eyes for the rest of the game. So obviously they did and Sunderland got back into the match. Wenger sent on Theo with the instructions to ask them quite politely if they could open their eyes and the score was 2-2.

This may not have exactly happened like this but it was something like it, I'm sure.

Anyway wasn't Theo looking the bollocks when he came on? I haven't seen him do that since the very beginning of last season when he changed a few games.
Lets stick Theo in a massive mixing bowel, add some consistency and borrow some Van Persie confidence and we will have one hell of a player in the future.

I was going to mention my prediction that I made YESTERDAY

'Here is a bold prediction.. Robin Van Persie will score his first freekick of the season and will score more than 1 goal.'

I am not someone who likes to talk myself up, and like Myles Palmer of ANR I don't like to tell everyone that I got something correct so I will not talk about it! hardy har.

Liverpool are a funny team aren't they? How much did Rafa spend in the summer again? Wow, what a lot of money on players to end up doing the same sort of thing as last season. Nice. Ok, its a little early in the season to be saying this. Anyway, its not about results really is it? At least he has fresh players in his squad who cares if they don't get the chance to build up any relationships on the pitch. Well done Rafa, nice work. Just make about 9 changes before we play you please.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more