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All Arsenal fans will be excited by the news that Micah Richards says that he would jump at the chance to join us but realistically it will never happen. I'm sure Arsene rates Richards highly because he is a pure Wenger player. Pace, power and is only 19 years of age. But the problem is he plays for an English team who have money. Wenger will not pay 15-30 million on a defender no matter how good he is. Is Richards really 15+ million pounds better than Djourou?

A few rumours about Veloso joining either us or Manchester United for £20 million in January. I can't see it to be honest. Arsene really rates Nordtveit who unfortunately was injured for the Carling cup clash against Newcastle.

Adebayor is making a mockery of my view that Van Persie and Adebayor do not work as a partnership.

"The understanding between us is magnificent," he said. "That is what is giving us strength at the moment.

"He likes to have the ball at his feet more than I do. He likes to get off the front line and he has the technical skills to do that. I am tall, I can climb high and I can go deep. I am more of a pivot for the team.

"At the training ground in the 10 v 10 games and the 8 v 8 we are always on the same team. Automatically he tells me where he wants the ball to go and I’ll tell him where I want it to go.

"We do enjoy each other's company and we talk a lot. There is a lot of discussion.

"But there is no jealousy. If it is not me who scores then it is going to be him and that is good for the team."

Anyway, he doesn't know anything. *wink*

It is good that they are both scoring goals right now. The funny thing is that they haven't both haven't scored in the same game so far this season. Although it will change against Bolton, I have faith in my prediction powers now.

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