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The craziness at our good old friends down the road really shows you how important it has been to have a settled and quality manager working for your club. Alot of fans, bloggers etc took Arsene for granted alot last season and said really stupid things like..

'He is past it'

'He doesn't know what he is doing'

'Lets get a proper manager who will buy superstars'

Well I hope they are ashamed of themselves now, yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions for sure, of course (Insert Dutch accent) but too many people look short term and do not see the bigger picture.

We are a long way off from being champions of the Premier League in terms of games played but at least alot of people can see the huge potential in the team, infact in the squad which just seems to get bigger and bigger everytime Arsene gives a new youngster a chance to prove himself.

So the next man in charge at the Scum will be Juande Ramos who quit Sevilla last night. Since Arsene took over in 1996, Tottenham will be onto number 12 in that same time period if you include caretaker managers.

Juande Ramos
Clive Allen
Martin Jol
Jacques Santini
David Pleat
Glenn Hoddle
David Pleat
George Graham
Chris Hughton
David Pleat
Christian Gross
Gerry Francis

Arsene has talked about his 'sadness' of Jol's sacking.

Arsenal, said: "I think it's sad because it looked like he had no real chance to be successful anymore. He wasn't given the time.

"He had done two very good seasons and in the third season had a bad start and wasn't given the time to turn this crisis around.

"It looked at the start he did not get the complete confidence from inside the club and then it is very difficult, especially when the club is pictured speaking to another manager."

I am sure Arsene is so sad that he hasn't been able to sleep at night. Don't you just love the way the press pick up on any work and make it the focal point of an article.
I do think it was unfair to sack him though, especially as he has done wonders for them in the last few years. Finishing 5th is an amazing achievement for an average crap club, really, they should be grateful for it. But you know what Spurs are like. They still think they are a big club. (cue laughter)

Adebayor is confident that he can be amongst the best players in world football.

The Togo ace told the Daily Mail: "I'm not saying I'm going to be the best player in the world, but I am going to be among them. When you talk to young players they all want to be Kaka, Ronaldinho, Henry.

"Their ambition is to be big and my ambition is to be big. You can never be sure of anything in football and I have to keep on working and, by the grace of God, stay healthy, but I want to be one of the best."

wow, I love the self belief Manu, and to be honest he is only 23 (I think) and has improved considerably since he joined from Monaco. But I am not quite sure if he has the tools to be as good as Kaka, Ronaldinho and Henry. Maybe if Adebayor was still 12 years old and doing what he is doing then I may agree. Having said all this, he is now a vital component in this very high tech Arsenal machine.

So onto more Liverpool v Arsenal talk. First off Xabi Alonso has been talking about Cesc Fabregas

"He has had a very good start to the season but hopefully this will not be repeated at Anfield.

"I will have a chat with him before the game, but he is one of the best around at the moment so I will not let friendship deflect me from trying to beat him."

In a few years we have seen Francesc Fabregas shoot ahead of his Spanish counterpart and should be the first name on the Spanish team sheet but luckily for us he isn't.

Arsene Wenger has set the team the target of having the same record against the big four as we did last year.

"I feel that, this year, if we repeat our same record against the big teams, we'll be very difficult to catch," said Wenger. "That's the challenge we face from now on. At your strongest opponents, you want to make sure that you're at your best. But I know we have the ability to do it."

Alot of Arsenal supporters have been saying..

'We came top in the league against the top 4 last year so all we need to do is beat the small clubs'

That tells me that we just expect to beat the big four. It is obviously nothing like that. There have been seasons when we have been beaten by the bigger teams then come back the next season and beat them. We are not guaranteed to beat anyone right now. If we get complaisant then Liverpool have enough quality to give us a hiding as they did last season at Anfield. Current form doesn't mean everything in big games like this. As long as we go and put our foot in from the very beginning and close them down whenever they are in possession then we will have our turn to play football. Hleb, Cesc and Rosicky will always create chances and it is down to the forwards to take them because we will not get many.

Match Preview will be online later.

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