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Good Morning,

Why didn't someone inform me of the clocks changing today? I feel all confused inside.

What I am not confused about is the big game today. My emotions keep fluctuating between going to Anfield and dominating them to make them look like sex slaves to getting frustrated by a defensive team who are under pressure to get a big result.

I am pretty sure that Peter Crouch will start the game today as he caused his misery last season in the league game at Anfield. But without Senderos, how will we deal with someone taller than the stadium itself? It maybe a case of winning the second ball making sure that Torres is tightly marked.

I hope Theo has the game of his life today, his pace can cause them all sorts of problems and should make the play deeper as a team which will allow our players more room in midfield, well that's the theory anyway. Lets hope Walcott can isolate himself against the Liverpool center backs because my nan can run faster than them.

I don't know if this interview with Pennant is new or if it is the same old crap being regurgitated but he has been telling everyone and his wife that he never got the chance at Arsenal because he is English. *shakes of the head*

He told The Independent: "There has got to be something. If you look now there are no English players in the squad, apart from Theo (Walcott) and he's not a regular, even though he's been there for a while now.

"I always felt we got overlooked. The facts speak for themselves. There are no English players in that team so he must have something, not necessarily against them, but that they don't fit into his philosophy.

"He likes the foreign players more. Maybe he believes their attributes are better. And that's his choice."

Maybe Jermaine is right, maybe he is spot on with that.. OR! perhaps Arsene doesn't really like players who find it hard to behave themselves, maybe Arsene isn't really one for lateness or maybe, just maybe Arsene may not enjoy his players driving drunk in someone else's car and crashing it. But to be honest, I think Jermaine is right..... Stupid cock!

Speaking of players with bad behaviour, Jens is turning into a woman because he can't stop talking.

'I made two mistakes at the beginning of the season,' he said. 'But I saw Manuel Almunia making mistakes as well, so sometimes you don't know what the thoughts of the coach are.' According to media reports of the German TV interview, Lehmann had questioned Wenger's assertion that there were three world-class goalkeepers at the club. 'This was a wrong translation,' he said. 'Ask again.' How many world-class goalkeepers are there at Arsenal?

To be honest, I am getting fed up with his constant talking, he is annoying me now. I am looking forward to losing the attitude but not the keeper. Arsene will have to sign another keeper, because two isn't enough but Arsene will probably sign a third choice keeper and not a number 1 which doesn't put enough pressure on Almunia in my eyes. Come on Lukasz, hurry up and develop.

My prediction today is that Hleb will win a penalty and we will win the match 2-1.

Right, I'm off. Enjoy the game and good luck to the Gunners!

  • 15 Sep 2015
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