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Good afternoon,

I have woken up without a hangover which is just fantastic, unexpected but fantastic.

I like many watched the pre season friendly yesterday and was looking forward to watching the likes of Ramsay, Walcott, Denilson and Wilshere as Vela pulled out through injury.

The first half was pretty disappointing to be honest but you can expect that in a first pre season match with so many established players missing.

Denilson looking to get the vote of being Flamini's replacement was a little rusty and didn't dominate the midfield like his midfield partner did. Aaron Ramsay looked like an experienced senior player in the middle of a bunch of kids. He was all over the pitch spraying passes all over the field. Running box to box and trying to take control of the midfield. What I liked about him was the way he ran to take the ball from the feet of our own players and then drove forward. Reminded me of the Steve Gerrard mentality.

Early signs look very positive for the lad, for a player who is likely to get a lot better, I was very impressed.

Wenger had his say on the Welsh mans performance.

Wenger said:

"Ramsey did OK. He looked a bit tired because he works very hard, of course it's a big change for him, but he did OK. "He is in the plans like all the players today. It depends on the performances and their quality and you could see that some young players could be very close to the first team.

That sounded to me like he was playing down his performance and trying to a) keep his feet on the ground and b) dampen down any hype that might be thrown at him.

I see Aaron Ramsay in the mould of Cesc Fabregas. Creative good passer, drives forward and makes things happen. I am not sure what he would be like playing as a more defensive minded player. It would however be a very good possession midfield.

I was interested to see Walcott playing up front alongside Bendtner. What did that mean for him? What is Wenger's thoughts? Will this be the year that he gives him the central role? I don't believe it is but I thought that he would want to give him a run on the right to prepare him for the new season.

Walcott was a little disappointing to be honest, did not really have a positive impact on the game but as I say it is only the first pre season game, many players will have inconsistent results with their performances until the sharpness comes back.

I didn't expect the wholesale changes in the second half but was pleased to see Jack Wilshere jog onto the pitch in that calm and unfazed manor that he produces.

As the second half progressed he started taking control of the game and looked once again the best player on the pitch. He has fantastic technique and looks so graceful in possession of the ball. I know he is only 16 years old but I cannot see anything but the very top for this kid. If he has the right mentality which it looks like he has by the way he fights to win the ball back then he will be one of our best players for years should he remain at the club.

He looks like one of those natural players who was almost born to play football. He has a low center of gravity and exceptional balance with great vision. Not only this but he is tenacious when not in possession of the football. His pass to Simpson reminded me of a pass he made in the reserves for Rui Fonte to score against West Ham.

Wenger will want to keep him under wraps still especially at his tender age but I do hope he can make it onto the bench for certain home matches next season and give the kid 10 minutes to feel what it is like to play infront of 60,000.

Mark Randall is another player that I like the look of and I have done for a few seasons now. He has a confidence about him that borders on arrogance. He also is technically very good and possess a fantastic passing range with a competitive edge.

It was clear that Ramsay and Wilshere stood out by a country mile. With players like Nasri, Cesc, Walcott, Randall, Ramsay and Wilshere all within the same age range it just shows how much talent this squad has. If Arsene can keep these kids together then I have no doubt that we can dominate football for many years.

Arsene Wenger's comments after the Barnet game were interesting. He said that we will be making a signing certainly and possibly two

Are one of those signings Bischoff? Or could it involve someone else? Only time will tell. Arsene has once again confirmed that Adebayor will still be at Arsenal next season.

I do not care about that anymore. Just looking forward to the next friendly.

Time for brunch, oh before I go. Squid boy has written a fantastic review of the Barnet Match well worth a read.

Until tomorrow.

Your Vision

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