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After all the speculation about Cesc Fabregas' future being brought up again by the media, is it a coincidence that young Welshman Aaron Ramsey has been compared to the Spaniard?

Under 21s boss Brian Flynn has taken all the pressure off Ramsey by saying.

"I've been watching Aaron since he was 14. He can be anything he wants to be in the game," he said.

"At this stage, this age, he is as good as Cesc Fabregas. I see him as a top-six Premier League player and a top international player anywhere in Europe.

"He is quite something, and I can compare him to one of the best youngsters in the world in Fabregas.

"He is very close to being a senior international but we want him to help the Under-21s first.

"He even speaks Welsh – he ticks all the boxes."

Sorry, lowest form of wit an all that. I must say I like the look of Ramsey, he is more of an all action hero than Cesc is. I suppose you can say he is a blend of Gerrard and Cesc the one thing that he doesn't have at his age that Cesc had was the ability to keep the ball. Cesc always made the right choice, always had the correct weight of pass. Aaron Ramsey seems to have what he wants to do in his head but then either plays the ball too softly or doesn't find his intended target.

What I do like about Mr Ramsey is his attitude, something the rest of the squad lack at present. I remember his debut against Barnet and was impressed about how he wanted to stamp his authority on the game but taking the ball from the feet of his defenders and driving forward, making things happen, dictating the play. We have never seen the Ramsey / Cesc central partnership but I am not sure if it could work at this stage.

Speaking of midfielders it might be a good time to remind you guys and gyals of the return of Abou Diaby. I hope he is working hard on the training ground to get his fitness back. The question is, what now happens with Diaby? What will Wenger do against Everton at home? The sensible thing would be to have him on the bench and bring him on at Arsene's favourite time, 70 minutes. I am quite surprised that he did not play some part in the reserves against Stoke. Diaby has not set foot on the Arsenal pitch since the 8th April 2008 in the 4-2 defeat at Anfield which strictly speaking isn't an Arsenal pitch but you get what I mean.

Diaby solves some of the height issue from set pieces but I have my reservations as to if he can a) protect the defence and b) allow Cesc to do what he does best.

Diaby is however a fine footballer who if can erase the negatives such as holding onto possession for too long, will add drive, goals and class to a passing midfield. Hopefully the inclusion of Diaby will add enough physicality to the side to stop Arsene tinkering with the formation.

William Gallas has received more criticism, this time from himself.

"I am lacking consistency. One day it’s fine, the other one less so," Gallas confessed to L’Equipe.

"But I am doing everything to be back at my best because I can’t accept not being in good form. I’m still young and have plenty of things to achieve."

Not sure if you are young mate, but I hear you. To be honest I think Gallas has been pretty consistent on the deck so far, he hasn't been beaten much on the ground, it is the opposite in the air and I am not sure if that is a consistency issue more like a natural desire to win the ball in the air along with perhaps a lack of height.

Rightyo, I am done for today. As it is the International week I may not be updating the site on a daily basis as there is only so much you can make with practically nothing. However, don't forget that you can submit your own articles on the YourVision section and receive feedback from fellow Gooners. Latest article YourVision - The Rise of Theo Walcott (By Thomas Rooney)

Have a good evening, back err, soon.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more