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So the Thierry Henry to Arsenal rumours have been confirmed. The legend is set to return to Arsenal and as you can imagine there is quite a lot of hype about this from the media and the supporters. I think it is a fantastic story and certainly one that tugs on the old heart strings. You obviously have to be sensible and understand that the Thierry Henry of 2011 is never going to be the one of 2003/04. That is just not going to be possible and the reason he has signed is to provide cover as Jens Lehmann did. Henry may not even play one 90 minutes for us but what he will be is a very experienced and useful option from the bench. That is a great option to have.

Many have focused on the fact that his pace has diminished and certainly it would have. But I would bet my bottom dollar that he would be faster than van Persie, Chamakh, Park and Arshavin over 100 metres.

Arsene Wenger was doing his very best to dampened the whole thing down during his press conference, not wanting to put too much pressure on Henry and I guess not wanting to take anything away from his current players which is all fair enough.

As a young kid I had recorded Jason and the Argonauts and used to watch it over and over again. I remember watching Talos, the giant statue come alive and try and kill those who attempted to steal his treasure.

The child in me made me think about someone going down to the Emirates late at night and awaking Thierry from his Tottenham goal celebration and having the bronze Henry stomping into the pitch from the bench in the 70th minute.

Dot com have a rather Hollywood video about Henry, they even have him jogging in slow motion, it did make me chuckle, I must say.

Arsene's was asked whether he was interested in bringing any new players during the window and his response was very interesting. He said that he had a full squad and wouldn't be adding to the squad unless players left. That statement is fine in itself as was explained in the blog yesterday, due to squad restrictions we can only do something if some are moved on but what caught my attention was the fact that he was speaking about players who have no real chance to play. That sounds as if he is admitting publicly that playing time will not be on offer at Arsenal.

This does not mean that he is speaking about the likes of Chamakh or Arshavin. He could well be talking about Almunia or Squillaci but whatever happens Arsene will have to move players out before he can consider who or which position needs filling.

If Arsene was no longer interested in reshaping his squad then a simple

'I am happy with the players I have, we have a big squad and will not be on the market unless a super super...etc'

I guess it is a case of watch this space and let us see how many faces head out of the door whether that is on loan or permanently. It looks like Emmanuel Frimpong could be heading to Wolves after some hinting tweets.

I hope to see the likes of Ryo Miyaichi get a loan move to a Premier League side who will give him the platform to play his football. I am sure we have a few more youngsters who could be ready for a chance to display their talents.

QPR is next on the agenda, I am expecting some rotation and I hope we can pull out a good performance. Get some goals spread around to players who haven't been amongst them recently.

Three points is a must though. I shall write about that tomorrow before I head off to the game.

Sleep well.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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