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This whole backwards thing that Arsenal are doing is all very confusing and needs plenty of readjustment. Last season we had started the season in relegation form and then went into title winning form towards the end of the season to jump into third. Previously we would start the season all guns blazing leaving us all flying into the betting shops whacking down some pennies on Arsenal finally ending the longest run a team has ever seen without winning a title. Or perhaps that is just reserved for us Gooners.

This new backwards thinking doesn't just stop at the actual football though, no siree. It appears to have moved along nicely to the transfer window. Instead of our players jumping ship first, only for us to then hunt the market in the middle of the night on transfer deadline day, searching for players who are not standing in groups for protection we look to have done our business the other way round. Nice and early.

I've been through the whole lark of why I believe we moved early this time compared to last season stuff, so won't go there again. But it looks like those who want to roll around the freshly cut greener grass elsewhere are bussling with eachother at the end of this window trying to squeeze out of the door.

How any grass could look any more green than the Emirates turf with Santi Cazorla's little imprints embedded in them is a mystery to me.

As the league season approaches, players and clubs would like their business sorted out as soon as possible. Robin van Persie continues to edge closer to his move to Manchester United if the papers are to be believed. While I usually pay no attention to them, it looks increasingly likely that he will be wearing opposition colours at some point this season.

I am still not happy about his likely destination but I kinda just want it sorted now. I am hoping for a late Manchester City swoop because as much as I detest their footballing model, acquiring van Persie does not help them as much as it would the red half of Manc land.

But hey, I guess that is no longer in our hands. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of our business was now dependant on the cash we receive from Robin van Persie and if that is the case then it would probably work out best if we cashed in our chips so we can reinvest elsewhere instead of having a top heavy strike force but having to miss out on other areas of the pitch that the manager may want to address.

The whole Alex Song rumour is rather annoying I must say. Firstly Darren Dein needs to be thrown to Lions, Sharks, Bears or whichever sharped tooth animal that is in close vicinity. The club should not allow him anywhere near our players. I am not quite sure how much power the club have when it comes to players agents but clearly the fellow is not doing the club much good right about now.

The media and I imagine Dein are pushing Song to Barca quite hard which seems a little strange given the fact that he has three years left on his deal. Unlike van Persie and Walcott he doesn't have the club by the balls but his camp are certainly acting that way.

Wenger has batted away suggestions that Song will be leaving for Catalonia so that should really be the end of that. It isn't though. The Barcelona mouthpiece in Spain continue to write about him and print his quotes about Barcelona being the best team in the world etc along with any number of their cretinous little players talking about how welcome Song would be at Barcelona.

The only way Alex Song will depart Arsenal is if Arsene wants him to and I guess we cannot rule that out entirely. The squad has changed, our style of play will adjust and I wouldn't be surprised if Arsene would want a quicker passing midfield to rotate and compliment the insane talents of one Santiago Cathorla (still feel a little weird saying it that way)

I am not suggesting that Arsene wants Song out, he has helped him become a top player but if we accept any bid from Barcelona then that would likely have been the case.

With the M'Vila rumour not going away and our potential link to Sahin, I smell a little bit of smoke in the air, not a great deal but a little bit. Perhaps Arsene wants a more specialist defensive player who will be more in the mould of Gilberto. Perhaps Alex Song has told Arsene that he wants to assess his options, perhaps Arsene looked at the videos of last season and feels like replacing Song is the way to go. Who knows. Perhaps Arsene meant exactly what he said, and selling Song is just not an option.

Maybe all that smoke is just a neighbour attempting to have a barbeque in the rain, we shall see as time goes on.

Interestingly enough is what happens to the books if van Persie and Song leave. We were all left open mouthed with the money spent so far but a quick look at what might come in changes everything.

Podolski £10.3m van Persie £20m
Giroud £9.6m Song £15m
Cazorla £11.9m Vela £2.5m

Total £31.8m

Income via
Outgoings estimated


This doesn't include the likes of Bendtner, Park and any other who may leave the club.

What is a little concerning is the amount of changes that we have made and potentially will continue to make. Any fluency and partnerships of last season are going to have be built or adjusted and given our pretty tough start to the season, that could cause us a few issues in the short term. Not that they looked at all out of sync in our game against FC Koln.

I want us to tie down (not literally) Theo Walcott as quickly as possible, it has dragged on long enough now. Indications were that he wants to stay but I no longer listen to indications (Thanks Robin van Persie) but with our new shaped team I believe that we will start to see the very best of Master Theo. As @NicksPinkBoots said in a recent article, a better serviced Theo Walcott is a better Theo Walcott. What better service can one get than a little two footed Spanish magician?

I know, I know I continue to show too much excitement when it comes to Cazorla. The funny thing is you get that impression from the Arsenal players. Every interview from Arsenal players about Cazorla usually starts with a shake of the head and a wry smile, as if what he does in training cannot be explained. I really want to see Rosicky and Cazorla on the same pitch, corrrrr!

Anyway that is my lot for today. Hopefully we shall have something more concrete in the next few days.

If you missed @hahostolze's excellent piece yesrerday called A Change in Transfer Pace then have a read. It's good stuff.

Bye for now.

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