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  • Podolski unhappy in wide role
  • Lukas joins Theo in wing discontent
  • 'Play me as a striker' demands German international
  • Crisis rocks Gunners as Podolski allegedly turns up at training ground with machine gun, tears running down his face in a horror killing spree, demanding the head of Arsene Wenger for not playing him in his real position.

It is a shame that we have to feed daily news through our own bull sheeet filters just to access an actual story. If everybody had a working bull filter than I suspect that these headlines and article angles would be a thing of the past. Simply ignore the rubbish and buy, click and listen to the real informative articles done by people who have actual knowledge, do research and can help you learn something that you do not already know. As they are paid to write or speak, I do not think that this would be asking too much. But there we are, it is what it is and moaning about this on a blog isn't going to change a darn thing.

As I am sure you know, Lukas Podolski wasn't demanding anything, he was just simply giving his opinion that he would like to be given a go as the central striker and in many ways I understand this.

I do not think that we are getting the best out of him in the position he is playing in. He made his debut at Arsenal as a central striker in that 0-0 match against Sunderland. It is quite hard to judge a player based on 3/4 of a game in a new team, new league and not a full pre season behind him due to the Euros.

He didn't offer very much that day, didn't link up with the team very well, absent for long periods and the technical difference between he and a former striker in that position was obvious at the time.

Podolski is not a silky player, he is not a game changer and I actually think his left sided role has lost the team some creativity this season. But with games under his belt as the lone forward he could develop in our system. He played in that role for FC Koln and he scored plenty of goals for them.

Basically wherever he finds himself playing, you really want him getting into goal scoring positions. Something he has not done enough this season and I am trying desperately not to sound like a record that has been slammed to the floor and jumped on by Tom Huddlestone.

Lukas Podolski may well be a little limited in his play but he is a hard worker. He currently reminds me of Freddie Ljungberg in his latter Arsenal career. A worker out wide that didn't really give the team very much apart from endeavour. Now the Freddie at his prime was still pretty limited and hard working but, a huge round juicy but, he gave his team mates runs into the box, he was at the far post when Henry missed the ball in the middle, he was on hand to poke a ball in during a penalty box scramble. He did all this as well as his great work covering Lauren or Cole when he switched sides.

The forward line at Schalke had a nice balance about it. Two wide forwards who could score goals and one hard working front man who can link the play together. That forward line may not last past January but if used correctly then they could give this team goals, although it may well lack creativity when the game is tight and space is at a premium.

I look back at the Barcelona team of a few years ago when they had Pedro on the right and David Villa on the left. They would ping the ball around in the final third and all of a sudden one of the wide forwards would dart off the ball into central areas and the attempted pass would be made. This would happen many, many times over the course of 90 minutes. With a midfield trio of Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla there is no reason why they would not have the ability to make those through passes but you need movement to be able to make that pass. Ask Dennis and Freddie.

In other news Arsenal have had three players called up to the England squad. Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott and Carl Jenkinson (assuming he gets International clearance) have all been selected. I can't help but feel that Kieiran Gibbs would have joined them also if he remained fit especially if his form had continued.

I do feel happy for our guys, and it is great to have some English representation. Although the idea of our players breathing in the same air as the likes of Rooney, Gerrard and co cannot be great. We just have to hope that Roy Hodgson uses a little common sense when it comes to Wilshere.

Common sense that was in short supply in the French set up. Their manager jumped up and down cheering the return of Abou Diaby. They ran him into the ground, broke him and sent him back. If I was the England manager, I would certainly want someone like Wilshere in my squad to work out where and how to use him best for the future but as these are stupid friendlies at ridiculous times, you would hope that a player who has been out of the game for so long will not be encouraged to play full matches.

As Jack said himself, perhaps his suspension has come at a pretty good time. As for Carl, well I just wanna give him a hug. I mean he is our buddy isn't he? A real Gooner not a 'pretend I am a Gooner then do a runner' type Gooner.

His performances this season more than warrant a place in the squad, I mean if Glen Johnson is in the squad then it is a no brainer right?

Theo? Well I have suspicions that he has been cheating on me so I am trying not to invest too much in the way of emotions in that one. If he signs.. erm buys that engagement ring then I will declare my undying love for him until then the ball is in his court.

And with that ridiculous ending, I wish you goodnight.

Back soon.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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