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The race for fourth is well and truly taking shape with 12 games remaining. The teams are coming off the bend and this weekend Liverpool and Everton have both stumbled a little meaning they both have a lot of work to do to make close the gap. Tottenham have the four point advantage but they face on paper the more difficult run in but we all know what paper is like, it is flimsy at the best of times.

Tottenham are reasonably strong at home so I tend to look at their away fixtures as the main source of point dropping goodness.


Those are the tricky games away from White Hart Lane, they ain't winning all of those games that is for sure. A quick glance at last season will tell you that they picked up 3 points from a possible 12, not winning any of the games. Needless to say that it can mean very little as both teams change in personnel, form, circumstance etc but I would be up for something similar to that if you don't mind.

It is not all plain sailing at home either.

Manchester City

They managed 6 out of 9 from those games last season which is far better than the above away fixtures. The rest of those games both home and away are winnable games for them but it is more than likely that banana skins will be slipped on along the way. Well at least that is the hope.

Meanwhile Everton also have a slightly daunting fixture list on the horizon. Starting with their away fixtures.


Last season they won a grand total of 0 points from 12 *ouch* scoring a grand total of 1 goal *ouch* conceding 9 *double ouch*

You gotta think that they will do better than that this time round.

At home they have a pretty good collection of fixtures. Only Manchester City look like a really difficult game on paper screen which they won last season. They always beat Manchester City at home because those foreign diving softies don't like it up em do they?

Actually, I am being told in my ear piece that I am not allowed to use that as it must be saved exclusively (like for Arsenal. My apologies, I hope all will forgive me.

So what about us then? Let us continue with the Arsenal Vision tradition of going with the away fixtures first.


Now on paper we could be forgiven for doing the butterfly dance in front of the mirror in hot pants but looking back through the window of time will quickly tell us to sit down and take a couple of Prozac to conquer our anxiety. We left those fixtures with only 1 point from those games.

At home we have the following to face

Manchester United

We managed 3 out of 6 from those games, a flukey van Persie volley which I think was an attempt to pass the ball to king Theo, from a hacked Song clearance or something or other. I forget the finer details.

I would include Chelsea into all of this but 1) they have an easy run in and 2) I am beyond lazy so be my guest and do the research yourself, let me know if you can be bothered.

What I will be bothered to do is a rather pointless total of the remaining fixtures for ourselves, Tottenham and Everton going by last season's results and a look to where the teams would finish if the same results happened.

Pos Team Pts
1 ?
2 ?
3 ?
4 Tottenham 70
5 Arsenal 55
6 Everton 51

Who's stupid bloody idea was it to do this? What a load of tosh anyway. I have had to do some creative adjustments as teams like the relegated teams and promoted teams have changed so Reading is in fact Blackburn Rovers and West Ham is Bolton.

Basically we need to do a damn sight better against the teams we face than we did last season and fingers crossed, Tottenham do worse against the remaining teams than they did last season.

There is not much in it really, it will be down to that C word again and no, not Tony Pulis, I am talking about consistency.

The team that can string the most amount of victories together as well as not dwelling on the inevitable defeats will do it.

It is going to be tight as currently both teams are in decent form. I say both teams but you cannot ignore Everton who have improved this season.

This wasn't actually going to be the blog topic today, I wanted to talk about the 4th trophy business. Perhaps I shall write about this tomorrow.

In the meantime enjoy your Tuesday.

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