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I was discussing the impact that Angel di Maria could have on our team with like minded individuals on Twitter last week and we got onto the subject of Mesut Özil. After waxing lyrical about how good he was, we decided we were wasting our time talking about a player that we could not sign, well because Real Madrid would be stupid to let go of one of their best players wouldn't they?

I had forgotten that we are talking about a circus rather than a club that try and build actual teams rather than a team of superstars. Remember when they sold Makelele because, well. He wasn't quite as famous as the rest or something.

While we are talking about the circus, I would like to thank the clowns down N17 for making this all happen for us. We will no longer take the Mickey out of you for being in our shadow, that would be cruel after doing us such a huge favour. Selling your best player to them, meaning they had to recoup the money by selling the best creative midfielder in Europe to us. Also thank you for dragging this out until the end of the window because by that point, most clubs have done their business so we were left almost unchallenged in the box for us to steady our heads and tuck away the chance. Tottenham 0 - Özil 1 (a familiar scoreline)

According to reports Mesut Özil declined a bigger pay packet to work with Arsene Wenger. On the official Arsenal site, the player said the following.

"It will be great for my own personal development as a player and I am particularly looking forward to working with Arsène Wenger."

Make no mistake about it, top footballers think very highly of our manager, higher than many supporters see him. His experience of improving players and giving his players freedom of expression is well known in the game. Less appreciated than the disciplinarian approach of David Moyes it seems.

I shall write more about Özil at a later date, my bed is calling me but I will say that Theo Walcott and Oliver Giroud must be the happiest players at the club right now. Especially Theo. The reason why Santi Cazorla was moved from centrally to the left was to give the team some added creativity. With Podolski and Walcott out wide, the team relied too heavily on Cazorla who was often marked out of games so the team suffered without the needed supply, supply all of our forwards need to produce the goods.

Tomas Rosicky a fantastic player in his own right, a player who makes others play better with his intelligence, combination play, workrate and movement but what he is not is a chance creator. Well not as much as the position demanded. In league matches Rosicky produced 2 assists in 10 league games last season. His highest amount of Arsenal assists was back in 2011/12 when he racked up 6 in 28 games.

On the other hand, Mesut Özil managed to collect 12 assists last season in 23 starts, although 9 more appearances came from the bench. It is by no means an exact science. Real Madrid play in a two team league and have one of the world's greatest attacking players in Ronaldo so the stat comparison is never going to be fair. I would like to delve into that another day perhaps but what is indisputable is that since 2010, Mesut Özil has more assists to his name than any other player in La Liga.

Check out the embedded video for some of his superb through passes

Theo Walcott's darting runs from right to centre may not be missed quite as often from today. Jack Wilshere could also do with some educating in the arts of the weighted pass so hopefully he will get some of that in training.

Apologies for a rather crude inclusion of Ozil in the graphic below but my eyes are burning and sleep is in order, I shall fix it before he makes his debut.

I've added Ramsey, Jack and Arteta so you can pick your own two from three. I'm sure everyone else agrees on the rest of the side though? Well? I thought as much.

Exciting times and time for me to sleep.

'till tomorrow

PS - Don't forget Iron man's thoughts on the North London derby. Anyone remember the score?

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more