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Sorry about the headline, I couldn't resist it. How many times have we been linked to players we probably have no interest in then for the same media outlet to write the usual 'Arsenal snubbed' story? Thought I'd stick the show on the other foot for a change.

News started filtering through last night that Arsene Wenger would be offered a new three year contract, this isn't really a surprise to anybody at this moment. The likes of Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke have been pretty vocal about this for a while and you got the feeling that it would be a matter of timing. That said we didn't quite know where Arsene's head was or has been in the last few months.

The Arsenal home support were getting more and more disgruntled through periods last season before our wonderful unbeaten finish and also during pre season when it seemed impossible to some to wait until the transfer window closed before voicing total displeasure. I don't understand that but many disagree with me so I'll push that one away for now.

Fast forward to October 3rd 2013 and the garden is green, luscious, rosy and full of those fancy hanging plants and stuff. There couldn't really be a better time to tell the fans what I imagine were the clubs intentions all along, regardless of the AST's urge to wait to see where we were further down the line.

I suspect that the club and manager have a slightly longer term view of things than how the manager performs in the winter transfer window. Which of course, is a fraction of the job.

Arsene has spent the last 17 years planning way in advance of what fans see from the stands and he would have outlined his plan to his bosses long ago. You'd have to be rather persuasive to change long term plans of a huge business like Arsenal with an open letter.

I must say, I have been a little concerned with the loud talking PSG who have been clinging onto Arsene's coattail, appointing short term managers while making everyone aware that the Arsenal manager is the man they want. But as Arsene has said many a time, 'nobody can doubt his commitment to Arsenal football club' and this is true.

It would have been a shame for Arsene to throw in the towel now. Even his staunchest critics will surely agree that since we moved into our new stadium, his goal posts have been moved. You can argue to what degree but we know that he had to work differently to when, well, we last won a trophy. I'd take a trophy now so when you claim your no deposit casino bonus code it would give you even more satisfaction, especially a New Betfair No Deposit casino bonus

This season is the first season where the club have had a taste of the new commercial sponsorships, it is also the first season for a while where we have not lost a key player from our squad, both points very much linked I believe for the future.

A large core of our squad is still very young and on the rise, all these points are no coincidence. What manager in the Premier League has more experience at developing young players into better players? So offering Arsene a new deal was always a good idea in my opinion. An opinion I don't expect to be shared by all, which is fair enough.

Arsene is not perfect, he has made transfer errors. Proof being the players who have walked out the door this summer. Arsene has spent years trying to find bargains to turn into top level players as the top level players were largely out of our reach. There is a risk in taking punts on £7m-£12m players, the risk was that some would not work out.

I am not so sure that we will witness as many of those risks these days, at least not when it comes to senior players. I am sure we will continue to look for promising young talent to develop and then either sell them on or if good enough grow into the first team squad, a little like Serge Gnarby.

The exciting part is that we are finally able to attract and bring in the Özil type of player due to our increased revenue and hopefully the stability that the club have in place from now on.

The signing of Mesut Özil has been key for this club but the extension of Arsene Wenger's deal could be even more significant.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more