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Ever since the players trotted off the Hawthorns pitch at full time on Sunday I have pretty much unplugged myself from the Arsenal world, even more so given that the little bits and pieces that I've heard has been about Jack Wilshere's comments.

I would love to pretend that I am interested enough so I could give my view on the matter but honestly, I really don't care enough. I glanced at Twitter yesterday morning, saw that it was about Wilshere and then switched Twitter off. I returned in the evening and guess what? yup, more about Wilshere.

First the smoking incident, a boring non story. Personally speaking, I believe that if a player wants to be the best he can then he shouldn't drink or smoke so I essentially agree with Arsene Wenger but I am not foolish enough to believe that players do not do it. It has been blown up because it is Jack Wilshere.

These new comments about England players being English is just an attempt to jump on the controversy from the smoking debate. It is not necessarily about knocking the player down but a chance to create a storm which in turn gets people talking, commenting, blogging (the irony is not lost) all nicely leading to the end game which is buying newspapers and clicking on advertising.

If Jack Wilshere said that he didn't think it mattered if players were born in England then...

Wilshere: Being English not important

They'd be just as much uproar about that because well, it is a nice way to jump on a player who can make you short term money.

It is a complicated subject, I am not about to get all bent out of shape over a 21 year old having an opinion. I'd like to think I would see it the same way had it been said by Steven Gerrard for example.

Interestingly, it seems to go unnoticed when pundits, managers or players say that less foreign players should be brought into the league so we can see more British players. Say that and you won't hear a peep.

But here is the thing, I want to ignore this but I've just forced myself to write about it and you guys have now read my opinion. Round and around we go.

What I'd do for a boring England 0-0 display so we can moan about that instead.

I am much more interested in Dennis Bergkamp's comments about wanting to come back to Arsenal. Unfortunately it doesn't look like happening any time soon.

The whole 'he should be on our coaching staff' is thrown around a little too easily for my liking. A former player doesn't necessary make a good coach but I'd be surprised if Dennis wasn't the ideal man to have around the training pitch for youngsters.

I am yet to buy the book but I have found recent quotes from the book quite fascinating. Looking at the player through out his career he was unbelievably professional and dedicated. He avoided all the non footballing headlines also. Simply a class act and I think he would be just the role model for our young players coming through.

Not only that but just like the pull of Arsene Wenger, Dennis Bergkamp could tip the balance when it comes to talented 15-16 year olds having a decision to make between Arsenal and perhaps Chelsea for example.

I guess the excitement can wait as Dennis himself said he would be at Ajax for a few more years yet.

Well that is about that, it is the interlull so there precious little happening. All I care about right now is that those who are departed with their countries, come back in one piece.

The quicker Cazorla and Özil play together at Arsenal the better. If nothing continues to be nothing then I am unlikely to write a blog about something. But if you have anything you wish to publish along with some of my thoughts attached at the bottom then just log into the Your Vision section.

'till the next time.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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