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I am sending another late night blog into the universe, I think this might be something I will continue to do in future. It may well miss many eyes but given how hectic my days are, I think this could be the only realistic time for me where I can get back to writing consistently. I should pretend that I am doing it for your convenience, given that you've probably read every blog under the sun by this point. I thought it would be good to space another one out for you. See how thoughtful I am? I guess I will see how it all goes.

Anyway, most of today's talk has been about the AGM but if I am truly honest with you, the only part of the AGM that I enjoy these days is listening to Arsene Wenger speak. Probably because it is the only part that is 100% about the football. The rest of it feels like the same old thing, Ivan Gazidis saying pretty much what we've already heard but just in a slightly different way. That is no slight on Ivan, who I personally feel gets far too much criticism for just doing his job but how many times can a man say basically that we pride ourselves on being run the right way and that due to our increased commercial deals we are heading in the right direction.

Many shareholders have interesting and worthwhile questions while it feels like some go into these events with a 'what have you done for me lately' attitude. A need to pick at something just for the sake of it. This tends to be dressed up nicely with a 'challenging the club' ribbon placed on top. While many have great ideas in regards to ticketing, atmosphere and such like, I find it a bit silly when folk start telling the club about where they have gone wrong with commercial deals or which players should have been signed.


The AGM would be far more fun if we had Mike Ashley, Joe Kinnear and Alan Pardew answering questions instead. Now that wouldn't be boring. I reckon I could have a good old fashioned moan up if they were steering the Arsenal ship. The AGM these days reminds me of what the transfer window has turned into. A bit of a circus and over hyping that gets hyped up further on social media.

Reading Twitter during and after an AGM is also very interesting, reminds me of when married women get together, a good chance to have a moan about their husbands. As I said, there are some very good points, some very important and it is great that the club open themselves up to the fans because many clubs wouldn't do the same so we should be thankful. I guess I do not like the negativity that gets fed back to the press.

Anyway, try as some may, there really isn't a great deal to be outrageously upset about when it comes to Arsenal. Top of the league, top in the group of death Champions League group, quality players coming back, money to spend, 'deadwood' already out of the club etc etc.

Speaking of players coming back, I'm interested to see how Theo Walcott responds when he returns to the squad. Andros Townsend is the new big hype on the block. The media have all held hands together and have selected the Tottenham wide player as the chosen one. The player to win the World Cup in Brazil, ok perhaps they haven't gone that far yet but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

For Arsenal it was Serge Gnabry who was the bright light in his spot a few weeks back, fans noticing the additional hard graft defensively from the 18 year old. This situation can only benefit Arsenal football club. Theo Walcott knows there cannot be any resting on any laurels, he will have to produce the goods to regain his spot in the national team. The last time Theo Walcott was snubbed by England for Aaron Lennon in World Cup 2010 he grew from strength to strength. Whether Walcott fights for his place or fights to prove Hodgson wrong can only be good for us.

Theo Walcott will not be available for another two weeks according to the boss which is a shame but Sagna has a chance of making it, 80% fit to be precise according to Le Boss. Rosicky and Cazorla are fit so we might see a pretty creative team on the weekend.

Whatever team we put out, I am looking forward to it. Nothing much else going on right now so goodnight from me.

'till tomorrow

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