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The Highbury Library animted promo v5 350x350

As expected Manchester United look super fired up, they have already snapped into a challenge with Arteta. I was somehow pretty calm before the kick off, it is fair to say that feeling has gone right out of the window.

2.30 Giroud has just crunched into Evans. That's the spirit. Give as good as we get.

3.19 My stream has frozen! ARRGGHHH!!

4.30 We haven't had a proper spell of possession as yet. That will come no doubt.

10.11 I'd really like Vermaelen to have a good game after what happened last year. Oh crap, Sagna has fallen quite badly and is limping. He needs to stay on for this one.

18.52 We've grown into this and the game has spread out a bit 55%/45% possession in favour of the home team. Great recovery tackle from Vermaelen on Rooney. He's taken a whack in his face for his trouble. He's ok though.

We've done pretty well defensively thus far. Given them very little so far *touches wood*

Kieran Gibbs has given a few passes away so far which is most unlike him.

23.33 van Persie race against Koscielny.. Hahahahaha! Who the little bitch is hobbling or is that just to style out his lost race.

26.40 That twat has scored against us again. His header at the near post has beaten Szczesny. Hate that bloke.

33.30 It's made a bit of difference replacing Rosicky with Flamini higher up the pitch. We do not use the ball as well or have as many creative options.

Manchester United have now dropped off and are playing on the counter.

47.02 What is with players getting knocked out of late? Lloris, Szczesny and now Vidic.

HALF TIME 1-0 down.

We've lacked creativity, in fact we have done so for a while at OT. We'll have to change that if we are to get something from this game. I'd leave it for a while then replace Flamini for Wilshere.


Vidic forced off. Cleverly replaces him.

We've gone from 47 minutes back to 45.

46.51 Ramsey has had a shot blocked inside the box, that is the closest we've come. Giroud brought down. When he runs with the ball he tends to take too many touches.

48.17 Vermaelen free kick. He should stick to the blasters and leave the curlers for others I reckon.

48.58 Now Santi is limping.

52.17 I have no complaints with Michael Oliver so far. But there is plenty of time for that I guess.

54.00 We are looking more dangerous but need that bit of magic in the final third to work a goal scoring chance.

I'd Suarez your arm off for a 1-1 final score

58.45 Rambo don't shoot from there!

59.30 Rooney with a great chance, he could have killed this but dragged his shot wide. Let's make him pay.

60 SUB: Wilshere has replaced Flamini. Good call I reckon.

70.35 20 Minutes to go, we are forcing them back but still not making it count.

71.20 Özil with a great chance of a counter attack but his pass was not good enough.

72.40 ARRRGGHHH!! A great cross from Sagna and we failed to get anything on it. Cazorla has messed up his cross and now out of play.

I'd like to see Gnabry on the pitch now. Give us a bit of pace and power in the box.

74.40 Rooney booked for a foul on Ramsey.

15 minutes Arsenal! Come on!

Koscielny has a blocked shot and Gibbs bobbles in a long ranger. Need a bit more.

77.19 Bendtner is coming on. Santi coming off. Nah, not for me. Bendtner just whispered something to Sagna as he came on.

81.30 Serge Gnabry is about to make it onto the pitch but who for I wonder. Ramsey maybe. No it is Arteta, makes sense as we are chasing the game. Ramsey will drop back and Serge will play wide.

82.45 A great break had numbers forward but nobody had a shot.

83.00 Giroud wide, we are pushing for a goal.

84.23 van traitor is being replaced BOOOOOOOOO!!!! Afro boy coming on.

86.55 Time is ticking away. Come on, one more chance please.

87.30 My stream is getting all funky now as the game is getting scrappy. Suits Man U.

Serge has looked good since coming on. Hasn't looked phased at all. Rooney has battled very well today I must say. Arsene Wenger has just made a tackle on Fellaini.

91.11 Another Sagna cross has gone agonisingly close to an Arsenal player. Not our day.


Just didn't have enough to get that goal. I guess if we are to drop points then doing so in a week where Chelsea and City both dropped points isn't the worst time in the world to do so. We need to refresh some legs, get some attacking outlets back and come again.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more