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As rival results go, I'd say that is a pretty impressive Saturday. Mr Jose Mourinho who turns his nose up at hockey scores lost today. I was not expecting that. I was expecting a comfortable victory with a post match comment from the manager trying to put Arsenal under pressure.

I make that six goals conceded in the last two games against Stoke City and Sunderland. Chelsea have conceded seven more league goals than us to date. Not quite as straight forward when you have to work with the players you have rather than outspend everyone on the best power players available.

Manchester City were held to a draw at Southampton which in fact isn't a bad result in truth such is the quality of the Saints this season but City have picked up a bit of form of late and after Agüero put them ahead early in the game I thought the game was under control.

Tottenham won but as Gazidis alluded to during pre season, our little neighbours are not really our rivals.

When Manchester United beat us 1-0 a few weeks back, they had closed the gap to five points, they were worried that defeat would leave them too far adrift. Today the Manchester United squad that won the title last season (plus Fellaini and Zaha) are a whopping 12 points behind us. If Arsenal beat Everton tomorrow (still a decent sized if) then we will be 15 points ahead of Manchester United in December. That ladies and gentlemen is ridiculous. Ridiculous how quickly two clubs can go hurtling into opposite directions. It should serve as a good lesson to all of us, when things seem bad maybe the solution isn't as far away as you think it is. Also when things are going well, cherish it because when you start playing the David Moyes game then well, your stack of cards can fall down very quickly.

Without dwelling on Manchester United for too long I am fascinated by what is happening at Old Trafford. It is right to say that Moyes needs time but this squad should be able to play in automatic. They won the league last season and have been a top 2 side for many years. Whether it is the previous manager or not, they should all know how to win together.

How good was Ferguson? I would love to know where Manchester United would be today if Ferguson used the exact same match day squads as Moyes so far this season. Pointless but still wouldn't mind knowing.

Anyway apparently some big Manchester United news is coming out after 10.30pm this evening. Interesting.

Arsenal have even more incentive to win tomorrow. Seven points clear of Chelsea before we play them at home could be major. That buffer would allow us a slip in December and it wouldn't make a great deal of difference. It could also force Chelsea (especially Chelsea) to come out more than they would want to.

I don't want to look too far ahead but it is hard not to look at this month and think it could influence the destination of the title a lot more than it should at this stage of the season. Everton will be tough, they are full of themselves and why shouldn't they be? They've just gone to Old Trafford and won although they rode their luck somewhat. I hope they come to play, come to try and push us back rather than sit back.

Will write a preview before the game at some point.

'till then


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