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Tottenham Hotspurs in the FA Cup tomorrow at Ashburton Grove. Not sure what to make of it to be honest. I have a gut feeling that those lot will be more fired up than we will about the game. Maybe this is my own subconscious feelings seeping through but as much as I never like losing to that lot I can't help but feel like this is a mini distraction from the real deal, the Premier League race. The fact that we have had a cluster of games in a short space of time I wonder if the players will drop their levels a little.

I guess I mentally have all my eggs in one basket and there is nothing stopping us from going full pelt in every competition we enter, especially given the 9 days of rest the players will have after the game until our trip to Villa Park.

I shouldn't really be a trophy snob given our lack of silverware in recent history but in all honesty while I would be celebrating an FA cup win it would mean very little compared to being crowned champions of England. Imagine that? It is a huge difference to me but that is just my personal preference. The only view and priority that matters is that of the club and manager.

I am going to be missing the game which is a bummer. It is my son's first birthday so there is no compromising on that one. I did offer the view that we should move the restaurant to somewhere that was showing the game but that just wasn't running. It's been unbelievable that I have missed about 4 or 5 games this season (without watching live) due to unavoidable circumstances. I've probably missed 4-5 in 3-4 years previous.

Anyway more on the game tomorrow.

Just a quick few points on the transfer window given that it is January 3rd and all that. With Nicklas Bendtner out for a few weeks and Giroud playing on empty the need for a striker has risen for the short term at least.

What happens from now until the close of this window is all very straight forward I reckon. We will have a list of targets of players that fit what Arsene wants, whether that be style of play or mentality, in fact more than likely both and we will try to buy those players. If we cannot get them then we go with what we have.

There is no point saying 'player x just signed for team y! why didn't we get them?' Arsene Wenger doesn't want a striker he wants a striker that fits and that is why it is not so straight forward.

The argument that we have bought in January in the past therefore we should now is somewhat redundant. The window is about what players are available and of course those players vary from window to window. So basically dealings that have happened in the past like Arshavin mean nothing today.

Needless to say I hope we can find what we want, whether that be short term loan or a 4 year contract for a ready made drop and play striker. We will see.

Preview tomorrow.

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