Tonight hasn't gone according to plan at all. Firstly Southampton outplay us in the first half for us to race into an early second half lead, only then to concede a silly goal to make it 2-2. Then we find out that Aaron Ramsey has had an injury set back on his thigh which has ruled him out for a further 6 weeks. Oh and Flamini also thought he would add to the fun by getting himself sent off with a two footed 'tackle' so that is three games out for him.

But Arsene has sprinkled some magic Arsene dust over the gloom and has given Gooners hope that some transfer action may be done by the end of play on Friday.


Who our manager has his eye on we can only speculate. Will it be Draxler? Or will it be a striker like Mirko Vucinic? Well I don't know I am just asking the question. Personally I don't care if it is a striker or a wide player or whatever. I would just like someone who likes to run into scoring positions when players like Özil and Cazorla have the ball. Without Theo we miss that badly.

We will see I guess.

Not sure when I will have my match thoughts done as I am busy pretty much all day tomorrow but hopefully we will get something from Iron Man.


Back soon