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The Highbury Library animted promo v5 350x350

Thank goodness that the transfer window has closed. A monster has been created it seems, Sky Sports have a lot to say for it with their countdown deadline day show has much to answer for. While we are pointing the finger, I think football management computer games need to have a word with themselves also.

The rage and vitriol pointed in the direction of the club and manager because a striker has not been brought in has been over the top to say the least. Maybe this is my fault for reading too many fans thoughts on Twitter but still.

Firstly I am disappointed we couldn't get what we wanted in this window, I really am. Behind Giroud we have a lot of question marks. Bendtner, Podolski, Sanogo are all question marks to some degree. Whether that be attitude, position or age and inexperience. Most of us will agree with that. Arsene Wenger wanted a striker in the summer, moves for Suarez and Higuain proved that point. Since then he has said that we are light in that area so we know that the manager wants a forward.

So the question you have to ask yourself is this, if the manager wants a striker why did he not bring one in? Then to give yourself greater perspective ask yourself which top strikers have moved this window? Chelsea want a striker, the manager has openly criticised all his forwards not to mention the fact that they can afford to pay whatever they like. They must be looking at Manchester City's strike force with green eyes yet they did not buy a striker. They could have bought plenty I am sure but probably not many good enough to play for Chelsea and compete against the best in the world.

It is easy to point to Luis Suarez from Ajax to Liverpool a few years back but that doesn't mean that a cloned Suarez will be formed a season later. Every season is different, not every season is a world cup year, not every season will have top quality strikers looking for a move mid season.

One of the reasons why so many are calling for a new striker is the 'what happens if Giroud gets injured' this is true but wasn't the exact same thing said when we had Robin van Persie in his final year? What if van Persie gets crocked? He never. Not to say that Giroud won't but his injury record is pretty good so who knows, he may just stay fit.

We did manage to get some business done, experienced midfielder Kim Källström will come in on loan as back up as we have some short term problems what with Ramsey's injury continuing for 6 weeks at least, Flamini picking up a 3 match ban and Jack Wilshere suffering from trouble some little bit crock leg. So going into the dreaded February and March without our midfield who be scary. I have no idea of his quality and I will reserve judgement until I see him myself. I've been reading about how utterly poor he is from many who said Ramsey is not good enough to wear the shirt and that Flamini is under whelming only to be the saviour a few weeks later so like I said, I will wait before writing him off completely. Hopefully he doesn't get much of a look in anyway because it will mean that our squad is relatively healthy.

The fella can take a mean free kick though. I did see a compilation with him bending those into the top corner so that would be quite fun.

{youtube width="460" height="345"}8ESE_N10zIc{/youtube}

How about a late winner at Stamford Bridge from a free kick? Watching Moanrinho turning away in disgust while Arsene gets up pumping his fist. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1 (92min) Corr, I'd love that. But away from fantasy and back to reality for a moment.

Ju Park has gone to Watford on loan which is good for him, there is little point being here just to do the morning stretches in training. I wouldn't actually mind seeing him play some football given that none of us have seen a great deal of him in an Arsenal shirt. It's not as if he has had a run of games to prove that he isn't good enough.

Anyway, while I remain concerned about our players dropping like flies before our run of tough games I have to remember that an injury ridden squad at the start of this season sprinted off (after a stumble) into first place and this was without Remy, Berbatov, Higuain, Draxler, Samba, Dann, Loric Cana etc etc. Maybe they can continue just as they are. Who knows?

One game at a time, let us get the job done against Crystal Palace and put a stop to the crisis draw at Southampton after 7 consecutive victories. That is broken cannon stuff if I've ever seen it.


  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more