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Who would have thunk it ey? West Brom snatching a late draw at the Hawthorns against an inform Chelsea team. Manchester City only managing a draw at struggling Norwich City in their last match means that our thrashing at the hands of Liverpool has cost us a solitary point.

I have spent pretty much the whole day in bed with an awful bout of man flu so to wake up to that late Anichebe goal felt like a cup of hot lemon and two shiny painkillers.

As our very own Alastair Brookshaw said on Twitter...

There is an obsession about top of the table clashes and yes they can be decisive but that is only if you do not drop points against the many lower placed teams in the table which I might add are quite a few more teams than four or so at the top. Even after a 'crisis week' we know that victory tomorrow against Moyes' Manchester United will see us end the evening top of the table. Blimey, imagine we were not in a crisis?

But these results will mean very little if we don't roll up our sleeves and hit Manchester United with a red and white hurricane tomorrow. I don't know how Manchester United will approach the game tomorrow, although I have an idea but I would love to see us pressure their every step. I don't know where you squeeze in Rosicky but I want to see him sprinting after a Manchester United centre back only for said centre back to boot the ball rushed straight to Arteta on the half way line, Arsenal players camped in the Manchester United half, ready to have another go at them. I love when we play on the front foot like that. I want to see Koscielny going through van Persie to win the ball, jogging back into position and not picking up the traitor. I want to see Giroud having a good old ruck with the two Manchester United centre halves. A fair ruck of course but one that lets them know they are in a battle. I want to see Moyes scowling on the touchline, listening to the away fans booing.

Let us just beat that lot for once! We are better than them so time to go and prove it. *Wipes back the tears*

Anyway my head is thumping again so I am off for now. Hope to get a preview up tomorrow as long as I am not on deaths door.

'till then.


  • 15 Sep 2015
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