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Good evening Gooners,

Anyone else feel that post match glow this Monday? Feels a great deal better than it did after our recent hammering at Anfield. It just shows how fragile things are at this level of the game and also at this time of the season when the going gets tough. I am hoping we have had our bad spell out of the way for now and can use the positivity from the cup game yesterday to go on another run of great results.

It is funny how football works isn't it? Liverpool were at full strength basically. They had only last week spanked us into next week yet the Arsenal line up was full of Arsenal fan question marks. The Arteta and Flamini combination, Carl Jenkinson, Yaya Sanogo, Lukasz Fabianski and even Nacho Monreal in recent weeks has come under fire a little. Yet it is our mob who are in the hat for the next round. It will be another tough game against Everton but at least we are at home.

I think we may witness another approach similar to the one we produced against Manchester United on Wednesday against Bayern Munich and that would be perfectly understandable against what most consider to be the best team in Europe at the moment.

More on that in the preview on Wednesday.

Because I've been ill all week I have missed out on several talking points that I wanted to skim over. Firstly I thought Arsène's response to Mourinho was perfect. Don't engage with him further but throw it back his way whilst making him look small. The exact type of response you would expect from someone intelligent against someone well, a little bit thick. Arsène is correct when he says that it reflects badly on Chelsea and their manager. The press should really give it the contempt it deserves trouble is they are too busy rubbing Mourinho's belly to do that. I am wasting far too much time on this so I'll move on.

Last week rumours of Arsenal being interested in resigning van Persie started doing the rounds. Then before we played Manchester United, Arsène was asked the question during a press conference to which he skirted around the topic which I found odd. He was asked months ago if he was interested in resigning Alex Song and his response was quite clear. 'No, we have enough midfielders and he stays at Barcelona was the message.' This time he failed to answer the topic. Was that because we were about to play Manchester United? I don't know but it seemed strange.

Then an Italian based journalist said that van Persie's agent had met with Arsenal about the subject and that Manchester United would consider allowing the traitor to leave should he wish.

Shoving the history to one side for a moment, yeah it is pretty heavy.  Let me explain how ridiculous this seems even without the history of player and club.

So the summer time arrives, Arsenal have money in the bank just itching to buy a centre forward and we choose a 30 year old striker with a history of injuries. This season he has made up for his last two seasons without injury. Plus he reportedly doubled the wages offered by his former club. Those were not pennies, apparently it would have made him our best paid player of all time.

So should Mr van Persie want to seek pastures not Moyes then you would imagine that his Mr 20% [Copyright © 2014 Yogi's Warrior All Rights Reserved] would want an increase of sorts. Are Arsenal going to pay van Persie £200k-£300k a week to come back and save us from our despair? Does it sound remotely feasible? Nah, I didn't think so either.

This is just issues with the player, issues that do not touch on the history remember. So what of Manchester United? They paid what was it? £24m only a season ago. Are they going to allow him to leave for £10m? Knowing how Arsène puts prices on players, do you think he would pay more than that for a an injury prone 30 year old?

It is not as if they would be desperate to get van Persie off their wage list when they are reportedly on the verge of offering Wayne Rooney a new £300k a week contract which in itself is utterly ridiculous when you think about it. What is this world coming to?

Ok, can you send history back into the room please?

Arsenal fans despise van Persie probably more than any recent departure. Would you say that's fair? It is not as if he left the club on good terms. It is not as if he recieves 'come back' messages like Cesc Fabregas does even today.

And anyway, what message would it send out to the squad? You can disrespect the club, go to a domestic rival then come back when you feel like it just because the boss you had decided to retire. Then you come back and jump ahead of the rest of the players in that position. Hmmm, I'm not sure about this one.

Just to add some balance to these thoughts, let me just say that there would obviously be positives if this happened. A fit van Persie is one of the best strikers around although he would give the team different strengths and we'd lose some of Giroud's strengths. Ultimately you'd think the pros would outweigh the cons, no guarantee mind because our team wouldn't play the same way.

Also, if the whole Draxler to Arsenal thing does happen in the summer and the plan is to convert him into a striker then having an experienced front man to learn from in training would be a positive but urgh, this is making me feel dirty. Who told me to try and add balance?

Basically, this is a load of rubbish which is only slightly more interesting because the rumour hasn't gone away and also that Arsène Wenger didn't dismiss it out of court (press conference room) if it happens I will make a virtual hat then I will add some virtual ketchup on it and eat it. Yeah I'm crazy like that.

So while we are on the subject of strikers I want to delve back into the wonderful world of Yaya Sanogo. Can you see why Arsène didn't want to pick up any old striker just to add a number. Why someone like Vucinic for example wasn't bought on a 3 year contract 'just in case' Giroud picked up an injury? I do.

I, like many it seems am very interested to see more of Sanogo. I wanted him to get a goal yesterday just so we could see him play with a spring in his step for 20 minutes or so afterwards. Given what little football he has played you have to try and look into your own crystal ball and imagine what a player will be like once they have settled, adjusted, playing with confidence and natural progression etc.

I get the feeling we will get a mixed bag from him for a while. I suppose this isn't unusual given his age but early judgements of his style of play suggest that if not all is going well for him, he could frustrate by running the ball into a keeper when through on goal or miscontrol a sharp pass played to him so hopefully he will continue to get the backing of the Arsenal supporters whilst he develops. But even while he adapts to Arsenal and the Premier League I think we will get some goals from him. I like the way he tries to get into positions to score, not always something we have had from the likes of Giroud and Podolski when playing as the central striker.

Before I go, let me point you in the direction of Iron Man's Match thoughts on the Liverpool cup tie.

Back tomorrow.

PS - I have noticed that the comments have dried up quite a lot since I have had to add the verification thingy on the comments. That is pure laziness, it is only five blinking letters to type in first. I have had to add it because a new wave of spam has been flooding into the database so I am looking at ways of sorting that out before I go back to how it was. A quick reminder that you can avoid the whole verification part if you register which is very quick and easy. You might want to have a look in your spam to find the verification email. Seems an issue with Gmail users.

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