I can picture a glass jar sitting on a shelf in Gazidis' office with a label 'In case of a crisis, break open glass' you can only guess that the defeat at the hands of Stoke City lead to a sweating Gazidis bursting into his office causing the door handle to smash into the wall behind and a frantic Ivan grabbing the jar and throwing it against the table. Shaking off the loose bits of glass from the sheets of paper in the jar then flicks open his mobile and whispering 'it's time!'

Oh and before you ask, yes it is a quiet day. It is of course time to announce new contracts for well liked and respected Arsenal players. Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have signed new deals with the club with Aaron Ramsey supposedly on the verge of signing a megabucks deal. He had only recently signed a long term deal with the British lads only last season but talk is that a financial increase was dependant on his progress. It is safe to say he has progressed.

The Özil signing on top of the larger contracts is in my eye a clear indicator that our circumstances have changed for the better. The Emirates deal as well as the Puma deal have made a difference in how we approach decisions.

Which I guess leads me onto another well known subject. It is that time of year again when I tend to write these blogs, either during an end of season collapse or before a winning run to propel us back into the champions league places.

The Stoke City defeat was difficult to take for so many because we were very much in the title race and with such difficult games coming up you kinda expected more from our team in our last performance. This has lead to a sudden wave of Wenger out, Just leave Wenger or my current favourite using the words of the utterly disgusting Mourinho and then repeating them at the doorstep of their own club.

Now I am not against a different opinion to that of my own. If someone puts a toasted fried egg sandwich on a desk surrounded by Gooners, many will turn away holding their noses and others will attempt, I repeat attempt to beat me to it. I love myself an egg sandwich you see. Especially fried eggs.. mmmmm!

The point is we all have varying tastes although if you don't like eggs then you need help sorting out your taste buds of course.

But those who want a change of management, don't you think the timing is a bit odd to be asking for change? We've pretty much stripped away those at the club who are not going to be making the grade. Supposed interest in Lars Bender, Luis Suarez and most recently Julian Draxler tells me that Arsene hasn't finished building his squad. Plus a number of our core players have tied themselves down for a number of years. This on top of the new money that has come in makes it crazy in my humble opinion why anyone would want to strip so much away and start again with someone else.

The *David Moyes game was a popular game amongst fans up and down the country. I am guessing you can pick up the game at less than half price today.

As Alastair Brookshaw's excellent piece shows, we have never under performed in the league during this trophyless period based on our spend. This during a time when we were tied up in pretty poor commercial deals comparatively speaking.

Anyway speaking of tying people up, a couple of names that were not in that jar were that of Bacary Sagna and of course the manager. I as well as I suspect, plenty Gooners are resigned to the fact that this is more than likely Sagna's last season *sniff* unless there is a dramatic turn around from either side. The manager has also continued to delay his announcement, or at least I hope it is an announcement. The club seem very bullish that he will be staying. As I have rambled above, it would seem very strange to spend so long getting to the stage in where he can build proper foundations and have proper cash at his disposal for him then to throw in the towel and hand over the reigns to Owen Coyle or whatever manager that has been touted as his potential replacement.

Oh before I go, Charlie Adam has received a three game ban. Yeaahh!!! Let's all dance in the streets because this helps Arsenal loads doesn't it?

'till tomorrow.

* The David Moyes game was basically a game where a top club would ask if another manager would be better suited than Moyes to replace the current manager at their club. I guess Manchester United were big fans of that game. *chuckle*