Guess who's back
Back again
Rambo's back
Tell a friend...

Maybe Eminem's voice along with some music behind it would make it sound better than it looks on paper internet.

I watched an Aaron Ramsey compilation yesterday from the excellent @CulannDavies

And I had almost forgotten what we've missed since Boxing day. I could quite easily break down all of his game and point out how much we've missed each of his strengths.

He started the season with the goal scoring run of an inform world class striker. Popping up in the right positions time and time again and finishing with a flourish. Given our lack of goals this season especially in the absence of Theo Walcott you can't help but feel short changed that Ramsey hasn't been around during the second half of the season.

Then there is the part of his game that I think is underrated even now, his eye for the final ball. Think back to our last pre season game against Manchester City. Theo had caught Rambo's eye and started a short diagonal run behind the full back and Ramsey slipped a pass through the tightest of spaces into his path. 1-0 to the Arsenal.

He had produced a few of those, two in the Champions League that jump out at me. One to Mesut Özil who side footed into the near post and one earlier in the campaign to Walcott who crossed for Gibbs to score in Fenerbahçe I think. I've forgotten who Mesut scored against and I'm simply too lazy to look it up.

Looking back at the Chelsea display you can't help but feel that his defensive game has been missed massively at times, especially in the big games where we do not always have the ball. I remember reading earlier on in the season how Ramsey was among the top scorers if not the top scorer as well as completing the most amount of successful tackles in the league. You can twist stats however which way you choose but that really is as black and white as it gets. A player who was on top of his game at both ends of the pitch.

So finally he is back in the squad for our visit to Everton on Sunday. I do not envisage him playing any major part of the game and rightly so. The last thing we need is for him to have a set back just as we've finally got him back. I would expect a number of cameos until he is properly ready for competitive football.

You'd think that Aaron will have an eye on the semi final place but we need to be certain that he is over his thigh problem, a problem that has had set backs.I don't know about you but I don't like set backs very much.

Nacho Monreal is also back in the squad which could be good timing as Kieran Gibbs has been playing through niggles. Abou Diaby is back in training after such a lengthy time out, I am currently fighting any urges to believe that things will be different this time. It's a way of protecting myself from disappointment I think.

I hope he doesn't play again this season to be honest. I don't see the need unless he comes on for the FA cup final spot kicks and fires home the winner into the top left corner and embraces Szczesny with a hug. Sounds familiar.

He should be working towards his fitness and staying away from any injury possibilities. Forget ideas of the world cup and look towards pre season, get through that with hard work and then play next season in what would be the last chance saloon, given that his contract ends at the end of next season. I am still crossing my fingers just doing so a little more discreetly these days.

In other news Matt Law of the Telegraph broke a story last night that Arsenal are interested in signing Fulham's 17 year old winger Patrick Roberts. I hadn't heard of him before reading that article and I just assumed it was just another news filler until I decided to watch his YouTube clips.

'Oh I see' I thought, our interest is probably true then. I mean how could there not be?

It is very easy to over hype young players, hell I've done so plenty myself in the past but it appears obvious that Roberts has it, what it is. Or at least has the potential to have it.

Arsene seems to be collecting the best young English talent. Daniel Crowley who is also ridiculously talented has played in the same England under 17 side as Roberts. I also saw some photos of Roberts with Thierry Henry and also one of him outside the Emirates so maybe he has a soft spot for us.

As the rumour (which we must remember it is just a rumour) spread last night we got the usual mix of responses from 'this kid looks like Messi' to 'WTF another kid, what do we need another kid for?'

Ironically most of the same people were bemoaning the fact that Aaron Ramsey has not been available to help the team. Actually many yearning for Ramsey's return is a different sort of irony altogether.

We have a need for established players right now, the need is clear. You won't find many who would not agree with that but dismissing our continuous search for young talent does not make any sense. At least it doesn't to me.

All you have to do is look at our squad today as well as looking at some world class faces of have left the club like Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie. Kieran Gibbs (Wimbledon), Jack Wilshere (Luton), Theo Walcott (Southampton), Aaron Ramsey (Cardiff), Oxlade-Chamberlain (Southampton), Szczesny (Legia Warsaw) and so on. Let's not forget that these players did not fall from the sky or were bought in their current state from other clubs. These were all players who were brought to Arsenal younger than Fulham's Patrick Roberts. Buying established and buying youth players need to both exist at clubs and you see this at all the non billionaire owned clubs.

That's about that for today, more Everton talk over the next couple of days.