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The domestic season is over and done with for another few months but Gooners are clinging onto the end by it's coattails. At least I am, partly because I feel somewhat lost without domestic football on a weekly basis and also every day that goes past means that our FA cup celebrations die down just a little more than the previous day.

I would be well up for the 2014/15 season starting on Saturday, although I am not so sure that the players and staff would be quite so keen to give up their holidays. Not sure why they need holidays, I think they ought to consider my feelings more to be honest.

A Tottenham friend of mine laughed off my views that we were ever in a title race. His reasoning was that we were not in contention in the final weeks of the season. And yes I told him of our number of weeks at the top and the fact that we ended with only 7 points behind the eventual winners but he seemed to conveniently change the conversation back to something else.

However I am wise enough not pay too much attention from a Tottenham supporter. However we faltered at the end and whatever the reasons were for the faltering you'd be a very difficult Gooner to please if you thought our league season was not an improvement on the season before. Seven points from top spot is a vast improvement on the sixteen the year previous. While the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea can play their own version of the what if game, at least we have been invited to the table. We were never anywhere near a title race last season and certainly did not win the FA cup.

Now attentions will turn to the transfer window and all the mess that comes with it. Even before the cup final I read people wetting themselves about Liverpool going after Lallana and Manchester United after Luke Shaw. This obviously means that Arsenal are sitting around doing nothing. This talk of Cesc Fabregas being a target for Manchester United is leaving the Arsenal fan base in a state of panic.

Listen, I would hate to see Cesc Fabregas in a Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City shirt just as we hate seeing Robin van Persie in the red and black. Two seasons have gone past and it still does not sit right with me.

Arsène Wenger is a huge fan of Cesc Fabregas and has probably been more disappointed with his departure than anyone else during his time at Arsenal. We were not going to get big money from Barcelona they made that abundantly clear so the buy back clause made sense. If at this stage last summer (does this even count as summer yet?) he was available then Cesc back to Arsenal would have made sense.

But since then we have spent £42.5m on one of the best play makers in the world, Aaron Ramsey was one of the best midfielders of the season and Jack Wilshere is a player that Arsène regards very highly, so I just don't see him being pushed down the list any further. Cesc is a fantastic player, a match winning one but do you buy a player just to prevent another club from buying when you have

Given that Sagna is out the door and our striking needs remain, that is not even thinking about Vermaelen's future and the possibility of bringing in a younger player to take over from Arteta at some point. Cesc's transfer fee and wages would take a decent chunk of our funds this summer. This is where you say something like 'you can never have too much quality in your squad' or 'you don't pass up the chance of signing Cesc Fabregas' but I am talking realistically here. I'd take Cesc, Kroos, Reus and di Maria if I didn't have to take anything else into consideration. The manager does have to so I'd be very surprised. If he is not joining Arsenal then I hope he stays put or goes to another country other than England.

But the idea of Cesc wearing a Premier League shirt that does not have the cannon on it is freaking everyone out on social media. That said, it doesn't take much to freak people out on the likes of Twitter.

The hysteria reaches shameful levels at times and this I may add is in May before the season has officially ended. I wrote a 10 point guide on how to blend in on Twitter during the transfer season and @arsenaloFka rather expertly made this very cool graphic. I'd most certainly recommend following if you are on Twitter.

Click for large image

A few media outlets are running with the story that Bacary Sagna has agreed terms with Manchester City. Obviously I'd rather he remained with us but at least he won't be playing alongside John Terry for Jose Mourinho. That would make me want to scratch my eyes out pretty hard.

I think Bac has known about his future for a while now, that would explain his outburst at the start of this season was it? Or was it the season before where he bemoaned the departure of Alex Song. Think it was the season before. You can understand both sides of the coin.

The club not wanting to pay a 31 year old who has suffered with two broken legs more than £100k a week for three years when you would imagine that his downwards curve is quite possibly approaching given his age but at the same time Sagna has been very loyal to the club and is approaching his last big contract so if he was to make a move it would be now. Let's be honest trying to live on £70k-£80k a week in London is very difficult these days.

As we are at the beginning of the summer I think I will save the Aurier, Vela stuff until another time. When there is a drought of news I am going to have to pace myself. I know I said this quite a lot but I will be trying to write more frequently which I guess doesn't make a great deal of sense as news is so scarce but hey.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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