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So pen has founds it's way to paper at long last. Arsenal's greatest ever modern day manager will increase his stay at this club beyond 20 years which is remarkable and something that is unlikely to be seen again for a long while. From a personal point of view I couldn't be happier with the decision.

Ten years ago Arsène Wenger's stock could not be any higher. He had developed, nurtured, bought and managed a squad that was able to go the entire domestic league season undefeated, not only that but win the title playing exciting, attacking football. Arsène had been collecting trophies and entertaining the red half of North London ever since he rocked up at Arsenal. So when plans for a stadium move got the go ahead he had plenty of credit in the bank. This was a manager who had more than proved his quality as a manager.

You all know the story but I need to re-tell it for context purposes, I hope you understand. Arsène Wenger was told that money would be tight, things would have to be different around these here parts. Wages slashed, older players sold before their resale value vanished. Oh that could be the answer to the 'why didn't Arsène keep the older players around for experience' question.

Anyway regardless of what you feel about his management style you cannot deny that Arsène has not been able to compete financially with commercial giants Manchester United and oil boosted Chelsea and Manchester City.

The last time Arsène Wenger was able to compete financially with those around him he built arguably our greatest ever football team. Today there is more competition, there are more clubs with greater spending power than us but for the first time in a while we are able to keep the players we want to keep. Arsène has tied down 99% of his players to long term deals, they are all pulling in the same direction and it would have seemed just wrong for Arsène Wenger to drag the club to this stage to then hand over the reigns to another manager. That is my opinion and I am guessing that if you often find yourself saying any of the following then you do not agree.

"It's Arsenal FC not Arsène FC"
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
"Arsène has always had money to spend but wants to prove he can win with kids"

Whether you agree with the manager staying on or not, remember those words that are used so often. "It's Arsenal FC not Arsène FC" so it is time to back the club's decision and let's go into the new season in unity for a change. The players should have a spring in their step after the cup win and we should be going into the new season in good shape. Maybe in wonderful shape if the manager's tone on transfers is anything to go by.

Arsène was asked whether or not the fans should expect a big summer and Le Gaffer said:

“Yes, they should expect that. What I can promise is that we work very hard on a market that is very, very congested with many people who have a lot of money.

“But we have a big advantage, players want to join us and if we find the right quality I’m sure we can strengthen the team.”

“We know we have to have a successful June and July,” he said. “That’s where you strengthen the team. It’s very important that we are good now in the next two months until the end of August, that we can give to the team some more quality and go into next season with the belief we got from the FA Cup."

Which kind of contradicts his recent comments about no business being done before the world cup which is why I would advise people not to get knickers in a twist too early.

The one person who has any previous success with Arsenal news on Twitter seems to think that big moves are being made so I am hopeful.

Thank you Arsene for all the hard work and many rebuilding jobs during a difficult time, but the times are changing and I trust the boss to take us back to where we were a decade ago.

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