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It is June 3rd and already I am struggling with this transfer window. Cesc Fabregas has signed for every English club and has also turned all of them down depending on which 'news' outlet you have selected. People who have a better chance of knowing than most of the articles spewed out have said that Arsenal are not interested which to me is no surprise. You have to look at these things from the managers perspective and not of your own.

I already know that a majority of people reading this will disagree with me but heck, I'm going to say it anyway.

It feels like those wanting Cesc back are thinking emotionally rather than anything else. I count myself in that to a point. Not that I think it is vital to have him back in our team but because the idea of him wearing the blue of Chelsea is enough to make me sick. But that is from an emotional point of view, a point of view that the manager has to avoid when makinhg decisions. Without question Cesc Fabregas makes Chelsea or Arsenal a better team, but £30m plus his wages for a 27 year old central attacking midfielder makes no sense for Arsenal. Well unless we have a bottomless pit and if giving players already here is less important than it has been at this club for many years now.

Do you remember when we forked out a club record £42.5m for Mesut Özil? fans, including Arsenal fans were saying that it was a position we didn't need. So if signing Özil was an unnecessary purchase last season what does that make Cesc in 2014?

This is why I think so much of the outrage is down to emotion. Let's say Andrés Iniesta was available for £27m who is seen as the better player by most people outside of the Arsenal fan base. Imagine he was available and his first choice was Arsenal. Do you really think there would be this clamour for him if we decided to go for other positions. It is very likely that those castigating the manager for not going for Cesc would be saying..

'FFS what do we need with another midfielder when we need a WC striker #WengerOut' Nicely abbreviated for a tweet if you wish to use it in future.

Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini are heading towards the wrong side of their careers, especially in midfield so a more defensive player will be sought after at some point. If not this summer then Jan or next summer. If you want Cesc Fabregas to play as our deepest player then I suggest that is your emotions speaking. For years fans have screamed out for an athletic, powerful defensive midfielder who can win balls in the air, tackle and make interceptions in front of our back four. Would you like Iniesta to do that job alongside Aaron Ramsey? I didn't think so.

Manchester City are able to pay first team players enough money to sit on the bench, they know the role and are fully compensated to do so. As far as I have seen Arsene Wenger is the type of manager to build his squad with a hierarchy. Not just now but all throughout his teams over the years. On the bench you are more than likely going to find promising younger players (Oxlade-Chamberlain & Jenkinson) or experienced heads (Flamini & Rosicky) what you are unlikely to find is an established first team player.

You can argue whether this is correct or not I am only going on the managers history as he tends to like a happy camp. And as you know, he is not a fan of rotation too many basically because our game is based on movement and understanding from the team. So the idea of taking out Mesut one game and then Ramsey the next for the entire season to spread the games out isn't realistic.

Speaking of young players and playing time Arsene Wenger has tied the likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere down to long contracts, he knows more than anyone what they are capable of as he watches them many times a week on the training pitch. I happen to think that Chambo is on the verge of fulfilling his potential, I think his knee injury stopped him from progressing last season but he has everything needed to be a first team starter. Jack Wilshere is a different player to Cesc and has had his injury problems but you know how much Arsene loves Wilshere. I don't see Arsene buying a 27 year old for £30m to obstruct playing time for those two players. I just don't see it.

Most Arsenal fans will tell you that we need a right back, centre back if Vermaelen leaves, maybe another one anyway. An Arteta replacement and a striker. That was often followed by 'I can't see us doing all that business in one window' so that tells me that buying a creative midfielder would not increase our chances of doing all the business we needed.

I'm not even going to go into his departure too much mainly because it's all part of the game these days. Players are heroes then a month later they are traitors. It is what it is so the quicker you distance yourself from it then easier it is to process when players move on.

Back to my emotional side for a moment, I dislike Chelsea more than most teams. I dislike the manager more than any other so the idea of them buying Cesc is a horrible thought. Cesc sliding in through passes for Diego Costa isn't much fun coming from an Arsenal fan but I don't think we can go around buying players to stop them from joining rivals.

Joining Chelsea makes sense for Cesc, he wants to live in London where his daughter and girlfriend are based and he doesn't want to join a mediocre club like West Ham or Tottenham.

Should he end up at Chelsea then it is going to be tough to swallow but it will be a lot easier to deal with if we have a squad ready and capable of a league challenge. If we win the title next season because we focused on buying what we need then Cesc Fabregas will be but a distant memory.

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