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There is nothing much going on in terms of Arsenal related stuff and I suspect that will be the case for a while now, well at least until any Arsenal player takes part in a world cup game and obviously news will be flying all over the place when Arsenal sign a player.

As we know this is the time of year when rumours are flying hither and thither so I thought I would not fight against it this time, I am going to write about any plausible rumour before it is replaced by another. Well there is nothing much else to talk about so I may as well jump in the deep end.

Do you remember when Javier Martinez was the player hot off the shelf, how about Lars Bender? You couldn't see a wishlist float past without one of those names sprawled over it.

But this is 2014, news/rumour comes and goes quicker than it takes the microwave to ping when you wait for your soggy lasagne to cook.

So today's article filler transfer rumour is dedicated to one crazy Mario Balotelli. Physically and technically he makes the footballing heart flutter. 6ft3in, powerful and fast enough to leave a centre back trailing in his wake yet gifted enough to decide a tight game on his own.

At 23 he still has plenty of upside and certainly has the potential for his best years to be ahead of him. He sounds perfect doesn't he? Could Arsenal get him out of Milan? I don't know for sure but I reckon we have enough money to spend to prize him away if we wanted, especially if we are not spending our striker cash on another creative midfielder.

So it's a no brainer right? Wrong in my opinion. It is very much a brainer. Whatever that means.

Mario Balotelli has been untamed by pretty much every manager that he has come across. Both on the pitch and off the pitch he has let his clubs down time and time again. Before the argument enters your mind I would just like to say that I don't think that the Suarez/van Persie comparison is valid. Firstly Luis Suarez and Robin van Persie are fighters who would do anything to win. Sometimes that spills over into anger and frustration and they (especially the former) can do stupid things. I don't see Balotelli in the same way.

I have to admit to not being a regular viewer of Mario and his Balotelli ways so maybe I am not too qualified to make my next point but someone who's footballing knowledge I trust has watched him many times last season and said that he strolls around the pitch, often at walking pace not looking like he gives a shit only to pull out a thunderous shot into the net now and again.

I've also seen a few videos of Balotelli not looking in a hurry to put a shift in during training, while YouTube isn't the best method of judging a player it still doesn't look great. I don't think he is very different during matches either. It's all very funny from the outside but I'm not so sure his team mates would find it so funny when they are pushing themselves in training and in games only to find super Mario chilling.

It has taken Arsene Wenger a number of years to weed out the disruptive influences that we've had at the club. The manager and the players have said a number of times that the spirit in the squad is the best it has been in many years. probably the best that anyone at the club have experienced to date so it makes little sense to bring in a player who appears to be the very opposite of what we have at the club at present.

I can't remember where I heard it from, in fact it might have been Arseblog talking to Martin Keown but I think Keown said that Wenger used to bemoan the fact that Nicolas Anelka was not in love with the game. I might be dabbling in a little bit of amateur body language analysis but from what I have seen Mario Balotelli doesn't strike me as someone who loves playing the game which I guess doesn't really matter a great deal if he is performing, working hard and staying out of trouble. Is he capable of that? I'm not so sure.

I've heard people say that we need someone a little crazy in our squad, well not if it is detrimental to our team we don't. His last appearance at the Emirates he lost the plot. He had planted his studs into Alex Song's leg which he got away with before finally receiving his marching orders for swiping at Bacary Sagna. So I'm not sure we need our own 'crazy' player. But as I said at the start of this piece he is perfect in so many ways so I'd be all up for him signing for us and joining our front line as long as he doesn't...

Get into a fist fight with the manager

Throw darts at youth players

Get into fights with his own players in training

Stomp on an opponents head

Burn down his house with fireworks (although I guess it's down to him)

Go to a strip club before an Arsenal game

Go studs up on defensive midfielders who like to split defences with passes

Starting a fight with 4 bouncers after breaking the no touching rule at a strip club

These are all real by the way and there are many more but if he can get his act together then he would almost be the ideal forward. I'm just not so sure he will get his act together and I don't see Arsene taking that kind of gamble.

Give me someone slightly less talented but who is ready to fight for his team mates over the entire season any day.

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