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Haven't done one of these blog thingys for a while now, a combination of the world cup and being swamped with work has meant that I have had to be selective with the little time I have left. Can't scientists in this big wide world of ours find some sort of natural plant that you can eat that gives you an instant fix of 8 hours sleep without having to do the whole closing the eyes, lying down thing. I'd blog every day for sure if that was the case and probably watch more world cup games and stuff.

Anyhoo, like everyone has already said this has been one mighty fine world cup to this point. Football that is not Arsenal football usually only takes up a small percentage of my interest but that percentage has cranked up somewhat this time.

I keep coming across topics I want to write about but given how quickly the world cup moves, it is already old news after a few hours after the final whistle, so I won't dig back through my murky memory banks, well not too much but I thought I'd make mention of the Arsenal reported targets this summer.

Firstly I wanted to talk about one of our own even though he has never set foot on the Ashburton Grove pitch on a match day. Joel Campbell got everyone standing to attention in the first game against Uruguay. I bet many non Arsenal football fans across the land googled his name only to sigh when they saw who his parent club were. Instead having to look elsewhere before they produced their football wish list for Twitter.

I find him a very interesting player, certainly not the player I thought he was on first impressions back when we fought for his signature. When we bought him he looked like a number 9 and 9 only. Someone who ran in behind and finished clinically. I wrote this about his finishing back in 2011

As time has gone on and as he has moved from club to club on loan, he has been pushed out into wide areas and instead of him being the flying winger who continues to make those number 9 runs like our own Theo, he has morphed into a player who wants the ball to feet and who wants to make little passes in between the lines. Like a strange sort of creative midfielder slash wide forward who loves to unleash rocket shots from distance. Look at his assist in that first match, that was Mesut Özil business right there and not a young striker. The vision, the weight of pass, the execution. The boy has something about him.

This is only early judgements of a player I haven't seen play more than five 90 minute games so I am no expert but it is interesting to think that he is only 21 years of age and is nowhere near finished his development as a player. I think.

But looking at his ability and performances thus far at this wonderful world cup his and Arsène's rather non committal comments about the new season doesn't seem to go hand in hand. Look them up, I can't because I am (was) on a train while writing this (and will likely not be bothered when I reach internet connection (correct)) but I believe Campbell said something like 'of course I will return to Arsenal because I am contracted to the club' etc and Arsène spoke of the player coming back for pre season and not Campbell is a player with excellent potential etc, unless of course I missed the full quotes which is possible. Maybe probable.

It is hard not to imagine him turning into a good player but it remains to be seen whether that is at Arsenal.

Serge Aurier has impressed thus far and has many a Gooner talking since he made two goals in the Ivory Coast's first game of the tournament. But like many have said, we have little idea what he is like as a defender considering that he has spent most of his time high up the pitch whipping in delightful looking crosses for forward players.

From what I have read to date I am guessing that should he sign for us we will have plenty moments of celebrating his attacking play and scratching our heads at his defensive play, not because he is an awful defender but because we have taken Sagna's defensive quality for granted for a long time now. But he need not worry and needn't should you. He has big Per Mertesacker to his left who will be guiding him through training and match days. He is 21 years of age and has plenty of scope to learn the Arsenal way. It is hard to not be excited about his offensive potential though. With Theo Walcott darting inside to join Giroud's lay offs, left backs will be tracking Theo's runs only to find the steam train that is Aurier skipping past his man in acres of space on the right but instead of thumping the ball into the first man or into the keepers hands we have a man who is making a name for himself bending in balls from the right.

But there is one rumour and let's not forget that it is only a rumour at this point but apparently Arsenal want to sign Alexis Sanchez and the player wants to come to Arsenal. [disclaimer] There is an awful lot of rubbish at this time of year so most of this stuff is pinch of salt territory [/disclaimer] but Sanchez would be a ridiculously good signing for Arsenal. He has been good for Barcelona but it's his performances for Chile that make you stand up and take notice. Just before the world cup Chile played Egypt in a warm up game and the Chileans found themselves two goals down. It was ok though because Alexis Sanchez was on hand to create the next three goals to guide his team to victory. Some of his passing that night was majestic.

When you watch him you know straight away that Arsène Wenger would have the hots for him. Versatile, hard working, intelligent, skilful but most of all does what the game requires. He will play the pass when a team mate is better placed or has the ability to go alone and Arsène Wenger is a sucker for that.

It's often said that he can play as a striker which is why we want him but I haven't personally seen him play there. He doesn't strike me as that type of player but like I say, I haven't seen him do it so I wouldn't know.

Anyway Brazil are taking part in some more World Cup football stuff against Cameroon so I am off to watch that.

Ahh before I go I just want to remind folk that they (you) can send in your own articles to have hosted in the Your Vision section. Also you can comment by registering first, so as one rather drunk lady once said. Let's be aving you.

'till the next time.

PS - There are a few sponsored articles on the site, I need these to pay the bills unless you are going to shove some cash in my account. Thought not, so if you see an article written by Administrator then feel free to skip it.

Thank you for understanding.

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