After dinner last night I took my seven year old onto the front lawn to play some football. He is coming along nicely, he's been learning a few tricks from Ramsey and Cazorla. He has inherited the Arsenal bug from his father you see. So while he was skipping past his old man I told him rather excitedly about our then imminent signing of Alexis Sanchez so we had a little natter about that. When it was time to get back in and get him ready for bed I checked my phone to skim through Twitter in that unhealthy obsessive way that I'm sure many of us do and there it was.

Alexis Sanchez confirmed on, cue body popping. Do people still body pop? Anyway I would like to congratulate those involved in making this happen. If you are the type of person to get frothing mad about praising our own staff (there are people like that out there you know) then I suggest clicking away now because this is not for you.

Last chance...

We've been on a roller coaster ride since moving away from Highbury, we've not spent comparable sums on transfer fees as other top clubs. Losing Hleb, Flamini, Cesc, Nasri and van Persie hasn't been very nice at all. The club have been pointing towards 2014 as the time for change when it comes to spending.

There are many theories as to why we held onto cash reserves the truth is that most of us have no idea what the plans were, what was said in the boardroom meetings. I'd prefer to form my judgements based on what we can see with our own eyes.

Arsenal have gone from making profit after profit every summer until the stadium naming rights were renegotiated. Then we spent £42.5m on Mesut Özil. Before that our record signing had never ventured above the £15m we forked out on Andrey Arshavin. This summer our new kit sponsor money has made it's first installment into our coffers and we have already spent over £30m (if reports are correct)

Clearly a change in spending has coincided with the new income and that is great. The club are in such good shape both on the pitch and off it. It's fantastic and credit goes to Arsene Wenger for making the difference in this transfer. If reports are correct then apparently Sanchez had been leaning towards Juventus until Arsene sat him down with a glass of wine and serenaded him with the sweet sounds of Arsene.

I'm a little out of Sanchez commentary as I've written about him a number of times already but I asked a Barca supporter to talk about him a little and it makes for interesting reading. Check it out here.

Debuchy should be announced soon but the surprise of the night was rather strong rumours that young Spanish right back Javier Manquillo could be heading to Arsenal on loan with a view to buy. He plays for Atletico Madrid and I've never heard of him before. If true then it would suggest that Carl Jenkinson will be off at least in the short term. We'll see if anything comes about.

So the kit launch did it's launchy thing, It was impressive yet very brief. So brief that I thought it was an error when the display ended.

Speaking of the kit, isn't it a rather sexy number? I shall be getting my hands on one from JD Sports. They have a wonderful range of Arsenal clothing. In fact the JD Sports Arsenal page is well worth a look, so check it out here.

'till the next time.