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1.20am is a weird time to blog I know but I played football (I was rubbish) and thought I'd write on my way home, always a good way of killing journey times I must say.

The tale of the defensive midfielder search continues as the stories flip flop between Sami Khedira and William Carvalho as the man to add some thud to the silk at Arsenal. I think there is/was something in the Khedira rumours but at present Arsene hasn't fielded any questions about Carvalho as far as I know, so who knows if this has any element of truth to it.

The press, an agent and Arsenal fans stuck the Mario Balotelli rumours in their rucksacks and ran with it until Arsene alerted everyone that it was made up. This is the problem, someone starts a rumour and the more it is passed around the more true it becomes.

That being said, I think there is some truth to this rumour but I assume we wouldn't be trying to buy both players right? You agree? So I find it strange that we are targeting either or when both players seem completely different players. Not completely as such but they perform different roles for their teams, at least from this untrained eye.

It makes me wonder how Arsene looks to restructure his teams. Does he like a players attributes i.e. strength, stamina etc and then mould his team accordingly or does he say I need a player to do x,y and z let me go and find that player? Does it matter where the power is placed in the team as long as it is there? I would love to know how he thinks.

If we are seriously interested in Carvalho then it seems one almighty gamble considering the reported price, his age and lack of Premier League experience. If Arsene is really bidding in the region of £25m-£30m for this player then I suspect he has had his eye on him for a long time now and he is convinced that the player can make the grade.

I haven't seen anything of him apart from YouTube compilations (like the rest of you) so I am not fit to properly comment on his abilities. But from the best bits his distribution combined with his obvious power seems a combination that I can see Arsene liking.

I'm guessing it is difficult to find someone powerful enough to impose himself on games yet have the technical qualities to control games and pass through the lines without giving the ball away very often.

As for centre back, rumours have it that Barcelona have made a bid of £10m for our captain Thomas Vermaelen. Here is a question for you.. have you ever heard or read a report that a club have bid x amount of money and then the player get transferred to that club at a later date for that price? Basically are we going to read reports that we accepted the offer that was in the newspaper the day previous? No, I didn't think so either.

I think you'd be hard pushed to find an Arsenal fan who would rather he moved to Manchester United, well unless you really do not rate him. Arsene has said on more than one occasion that he will replace Vermaelen should (when) he leaves the club. I'm interested to know what type and age/experience player we do bring in. Calum Chambers looks to have impressed Arsene so far so I wonder if the manager would buy a more senior figure, a little like Debuchy to keep the door open for Calum to break through in the future. Unless he would rather move him to a different area of the pitch but I guess we will see as time goes on. We may have to wait until closer to the end of the window for our last two faces.

In actual news rather than the speculation that has been infecting the internet. Daniel Crowley has signed professional terms with the club which is of course good news. To my untrained eye, he looks like the most exciting talent in the youth team even though I'm sure Zelalem is probably higher rated. It's a shame we didn't line up more pre season games this summer because I would love to see him surrounded by some of our first team players. He has that rare combination of a player who is just as gifted at skipping past players as he is sliding players through.

But you can be as promising as you like, it is going to be very, very difficult to break into this Arsenal team as an attacking midfield player. It's not as if Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil and Chamberlain are older heads playing towards the end of their careers. I suspect we will lose a few gifted creative players such as Kristoffer Olsson as the years go past. But that is the price you have to pay for success, at least I hope.

'till the next time.


  • 15 Sep 2015
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