Laurent Koscielny should be fit enough to face Crystal Palace according to Arsène Wenger and that is great news. Rumours that Shad Forsythe licked his finger, dipped it into a glass of water and told Koscielny to drink it only for Laurent's achilles to heal in a matter of seconds are yet to be proven.

There were fears that an achilles tendon injury would keep the Frenchman out of action for a while meaning that we would either be expecting our reserve left back Nacho Monreal to fill the void or Arsène and the transfer team would have to step on the accelerator when it came to buying that squad space that Bacary Sagna had been occupying along with his first choice right back position.

Chambers and Koscielny fills me with a lot more confidence than Chambers and Monreal that's for sure.

There is a lot of panicking going around about our central defence and the absence of a fourth choice option, but without any injuries and the close of the window not too far away I am not quite so worried. That all changes should two injuries happen to that area during or after the Palace game on the weekend.

Per Mertesacker is back at the club and I suspect a weeks training will see him ready to return in place of young Chambers. So we have to make sure we don't have two injuries or suspensions in the next couple of weeks. I don't want to tempt fate but I reckon our odds are pretty decent if that is the time frame.

Arsène has said he expects things to get busy in the last few weeks of the window and a central defender is very much on the shopping list, well at least a player that can play in that position as fourth choice. Therefore I fully expect the manager to buy that player. If the window closes and we only have three recognised central defenders then I will also share such fears but until then we really shouldn't be stretched.

I have to say I am still buzzing after that first half performance at Wembley over the weekend. We had scored some sublime goals last season, thinking of Wilshere's pinball goal against Norwich and also Rosicky's similar effort against Sunderland also at the Emirates but on the whole our football was a lot more conservative than we are used to under Arsène Wenger.

A lot of midtable or below sides came to our stadium and probably had more of the ball than they are used to because part of our tactic was to allow them to have the ball and we'd eventually take one or two of our chances. Like everyone I was enjoying our victories because they were victories but if I am honest, it didn't feel like Arsenal. At least not modern Arsenal.

Watching Liverpool and Manchester City carving teams apart and scoring goals aplenty made me pine for the good old days. You know, the days where the opposition did not know who to stop because we had threats from so many areas, playing at such speed.

In the latter stages of last season we started seeing a shift in our approach. Why we chose to push up against the likes of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with a host of first team players missing I'll never know but you could see that the defence first approach had been scrunched up and thrown away.

This summer it looks as if Arsène's dealings in the transfer window has been planned with our approach very much in mind. Alexis Sanchez is naturally a speedy work horse. A player that does not allow the opposition to settle. A little like a faster Tevez in that aspect and I just loved the balance that both Ramsey and Wilshere gave us just ahead of Arteta. It gives the team a lovely balance, especially when it comes to winning the ball back. In many ways I'd really love to see that develop over a longer period but when you have Mesut Özil available for selection you simply have to squeeze him in and that will be at the expense of someone else in midfield and I just don't see Özil used as a box to box midfielder, that simply isn't his game.

I must say, I'm just as excited to see Theo Walcott back in the Arsenal team as I am anyone else. Theo might not have the quick feet of Alexis, Mesut or Wilshere but I'm not sure there is a more satisfying sight at Arsenal than watching Theo latching onto a pass, skip and nudge the ball forward (you know that movement don't you?) then go all ice cold glance at the keeper and slot into a corner as if he was playing in your back garden. His coolness is a skill that cannot be taught, just ask Gervinho.

Everyone is talking about Mesut Özil feeding him and Alexis those through passes and I'd agree with you, but I can't help but feel that we are only scratching Aaron Ramsey's creative surfaces when it comes to the final ball. Since he has clicked we've seen a ridiculous amount of hard running, we've seen striker level finishing, we've seen courage and flicks that have left our mouths agasp but remembering some of his final passes pre injury and some last season I think we could see plenty more of that from Rambo. It is an area of Jack Wilshere's game that I think he needs to improve where as plenty of people believe it is one of his greatest strengths. From what I've seen Jack tends to over hit or misdirect his final pass when in good areas. Hopefully he'll improve that side of his game if he stays fit and plays games. Where? well that is another story for another day. He will play on the weekend after having a very good game against City last weekend and then Arsène will go from there I suppose. I'm just very excited for the new season as I am sure you are also.

With the season soon approaching I wanted to fill you in on a few things on the site. Content has been rather patchy in recent weeks/months but I want that to change for this season. A few really knowledgeable Gooners will be writing weekly articles, at least that is the aim so you'll have a few differing views over the course of the season. The eagled eyed among you will have noticed the close of the comments section, at least from non registered users. That was due to a bad spam problem that my comments script could not fight against. I shall be adding a new comments section, one that is pretty damn snazzy as well so I look forward to responses once more. It's a lonely place blogging with zero interaction from readers. I'll have to figure out how to do it so that might not happen immediately.

Lastly but no means leastly. Have you guys heard about Virgin Media's Football Fixtures Generator? It looks pretty impressive I must say. In days gone by you could sit down on your sofa with a beverage in hand flick on the one channel and watch your team play some footy. These days you need to do your research, phone a friend or choose 50:50 before you get the answer as to when/where and if your team is being shown on your channel. Well Virgin Media are at hand with the Football Fixtures Generator. Pick your team and competition and hit the filter button and hey presto you'll get the full list of fixtures and which channels the games are played on. Buy the Virgin Media season ticket and you'll watch all the football that your eyes can handle.

BT Sport will show 12 live matches of Barclays Premier League football, while Sky will show 43, and you get to watch it all for less than Sky charge. I'm considering a late swoop before the window closes. Luckily there are enough to go around so click the above link and check it out and stuff.

Update: Tony Pulis has left Crystal Palace by mutual consent which I guess means he gave the middle finger and left because he was not being given the funds to take the club forward. Ian Holloway had just left Palace when we were due to face them at Selhurst Park and the same dude who was in charge that day will be in charge once more. Keith Millen, that's the fella.

'till tomorrow