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*Danny Welbeck to Arsenal?

Didn't see that one coming and I'm sure not many would have predicted this deal which is all but confirmed.

We had been expecting a centre back, maybe even a defensive midfielder who can play in defence but instead Arsène had captured a player to replace the injured Oliver Giroud. You can only assume that he failed to get the defensive players he had targeted. Only having three central defenders, one of which is a 19 year old is risky in the extreme. We're going to have to cross our fingers and hope we have a similar injury record in centre defence as we did last season.

But what of Danny Welbeck? Another English player to add to the collection, something Arsène has been purposely doing as he aims to keep his squad together longer than previous squads. Welbeck is 23 years of age and will join a squad with plenty of players around his age group. Technically he looks better than I thought after watching a few 'vs videos'

What I do like about him is his desire during matches. We've seen how infectious it is when Alexis is sprinting around the pitch trying to win the ball back, having more players with that mindset and attitude can only benefit the squad.

The striking thing about this deal is that it effectively kills Yaya Sanogo as Arsène Wenger would say. Sanogo is two years younger than Welbeck but Arsène Wenger isn't going to pay £16m to put the player behind Sanogo.

Arsène has been very vocal in his praise for Sanogo, he said we would see what a player Sanogo would be but those comments changed during Arsène's last press conference, telling everyone that the lack of goals were playing on his strikers mind. It looks as if Yaya will be pulled away from the firing line and will have to work hard to get back into the fold especially with Theo on his way back.


U17s Games U17s Goals

Welbeck 11 2
Sanogo 16 9

U19s Games U19s Goals

Welbeck 8 2
Sanogo 9 2

U21s Games U21s Goals

Welbeck 14 5
Sanogo 4 0

@Poznaninmypants made a very good point earlier. He said that if Arsène was totally convinced about Alexis as a striker then Danny Welbeck would not have been bought, especially at that price.

Danny Welbeck could go straight into the Arsenal team against Manchester City.

If Alexis is kept out wide then Danny Welbeck has a chance to claim the title as the number one striker at Arsenal before Oliver Giroud returns.

So Welbeck was not the jaw dropping world class striker that some were screaming for but we've added an England international with a good work ethic.

Interesting to see how he gets on.

Welbeck vs Real Madrid

Welbeck vs Tottenham

* Subject to late paper workery stuff


  • 15 Sep 2015
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