Three new long term injuries already this season and we are only at the beginning of October. We have two long term injured players returning with a smattering of the usual three weekers. I would say that it's beyond a joke but honestly, it's been beyond a joke for years now.

I'm sure you've seen the stat but it's worth repeating again. Mesut Özil has already spent more time out injured at Arsenal than he has in his previous three clubs combined. Just to add insult to 'injury' Laurent Koscielny has pulled out of the French squad due to his ongoing achilles issue. It's not thought to be too serious though thank goodness.

The club have already investigated the injury problems and have attempted to rectify it by adding Shad Forsythe to the first team coaching staff. It would seem a tad ambitious to imagine his techniques would have any real impact so soon but never did I imagine that we would have so many problems so quickly.

The best in the business are finding it difficult pin pointing where the issues lie so I'm not about to give you my armchair (quite literally at the time of writing) opinion. Well that's a lie but rather than tell you what the problem is, I wonder if the World Cup and lack of proper pre season has played a part.

Oliver Giroud, Mathieu Debuchy and now Mesut Özil all took part in the World Cup and all have had to hit the ground running without much preparation to try and get themselves into peak match fitness in a short space of time.

All those three players have suffered long term injuries. That being said, the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta and Yaya Sanogo have had the entire summer to work towards optimum fitness yet have been taken out by injury before the doors have shut on September.

But this is the reality. I have been patiently waiting for a day where our squad is injury free for 15 games in a row. Any knocks along the way are dealt with, the players rested for a week and then back in the squad ready for the next game. But tomorrow never comes.

Arsenal fans have been waiting for Mesut Özil and Theo Walcott to strike up an understanding, an understanding that seems made for each other but the two players are taking turns on the sidelines, this time it is the turn of the German, just as the Englishman is set to return.

But as they say, one mans misfortune is another mans opportunity. Well even if they don't say that, I thought it sounded quite good.

We do not have another Mesut Özil. But at least the injury is in the strongest area of the squad. With Theo Walcott almost back someone like the Ox must have wondered where his regular game time would come from. If Oxlade-Chamberlain can stay fit (no giggling at the back) then maybe he can use these 3 months as the time to complete his development or at least head in that direction. Losing Mesut could shore us up defensively a little more and who knows, perhaps the new system will be in full working order by the time Mesut is back so his qualities can be better used with the team firing. That's the last of the positives found in the side of my sofa. Oh hang on, I've found one more. At least our fixture list is not quite as daunting as it could have been or has been since the start of the season. But truth be told, I'd much prefer to have Mesut Özil in our squad.

In somewhat brighter news, I've just watched four Arsenal players start for England against San Marino. Oxlade-Chamberlain came on at half time for Raheem Sterling which topped that amount up to five. That is quite unbelievable. That is not even to mention Theo Walcott who will get back into the squad as soon as he is fit.

At least it should make watching England games a little more interesting. Do you remember the day when Arsene Wenger was solely responsible for the England team not being able to pass and control the ball? Those were the days. Not sure I heard much of a mention tonight about the amount of Arsenal players in the team. But hey..

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