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I have just boarded my train at the time of writing this. Played football this evening and we got absolutely battered. Our defence decided to all play in midfield and we got picked off for fun. And yes before you say, it sounds awfully familiar.

Well at least a few weeks ago, since the Manchester United result we have had a change of approach ever so slightly. It is only two matches so the sample size is too small to properly gauge but we looked more disciplined against both Dortmund and West Brom. We'll see how we get on tomorrow.

Arsene Wenger said that Mathieu Debuchy is available next week which is great news. Calum Chambers has done a very good job for the most part, Swansea City aside he has given a good account of himself and the games would have done him the world of good. He still strikes me as a central player given his height and frame. But what I like most about having Debuchy back on the field is that we have additional defensive pace. An attribute that is very important for an Arsenal full back who are required to be in two places at once on some occasions. Having a back four of Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs/Monreal at this stage of the season will be vitally important. I almost did not add that because of the upcoming Saints clash but my reality head overrules my football one. The football one seems to think that writing something on here can actually affect real life *chuckles*

Us football folk are a funny bunch aren't we? The way we think about the game is very different to how we think and behave in the real world. Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has played his last game for New York Red Bulls and rumours have been flying around about his future and the obvious link back to Arsenal.

I have read a number of article comments, Facebook messages and Tweets from people wanting him to replace Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager. Only in football can someone with zero experience in a job be asked to replace someone who has spent over 30 years in the same job. Whether you think Arsene is the worse manager in world football or not, it wouldn't be ideal to get a manager with no managerial experience whatsoever after having spent so much time getting these foundations in place. If Henry is to come back as manager then let him be an outstanding success elsewhere first and if Arsene leaves at the end of his contract then it could become an option. A little like how Pep had to earn his stripes as the Barcelona youth team manager.

The reason why we want Thierry Henry back at Arsenal is basically down to sentiment and I include myself here. He has a place in our hearts and anything that warms up our heart is a good thing. We like when football makes us feel good and personally I believe that is why it's so easy to spill the other way but that is another subject for another time me thinks.

I don't know if there is room for this or if it feasible or not but I'd be well up for a new position being opened up for Thierry as a finishing coach or something like that. Imagine Henry taking the likes of Welbeck, Walcott, Chamberlain, Giroud, Podol... never mind, Campbell and co and guiding them through the different situations they can find themselves in and what worked for him. Showing them footage of the Manchester United first half and making them correct the wrongs. That would be great because we know he has plenty of experience as a finisher and is a great role model for players to look up to. The rest if pretty much unknown apart from the fact that Thierry Henry thinks a lot about football according to Arsene Wenger.

While we are at it, let's get Dennis back as through passing coach and Vieira as flick ball over opposition head coach and Kanu as dummy the keeper on the floor coach. Have all the Invincibles spread all around Colny. That would be fun.

Anyway I am getting carried away now. We shall see what happens with Thierry but more important things are on the horizon such as Southampton tomorrow. After tonight's results we kinda need a win. To be honest we need wins regardless. After confidence boosting back to back victories and players hopefully returning, now is the time to get a run of winning results together for the first time.

Preview, Q&A, Post match Podcast and all that fun stuff tomorrow.

'till then

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