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If you are the type of Arsenal fan who enjoys being angry about each and everything connected to the club then the Mirror's piece on Walcott will be right up your street. Maybe it is just the internet but I find it astonishing to read so many people getting wound up by pretty much everything to do with Arsenal FC.

Here is a quick Twitter search to prove my point





[I could not add anymore as it kept crashing for some reason.]

To those who love outrage, I would recommend you to continue doing what you're doing. Collect the daily tabloids, read the headlines and let rip as quickly as possible. Whether that be to like minded folk in your daily life or on the good ol internet.

But to others who take the alternative approach, I would recommend you continue doing what you are doing, which is to ignore the tabloids and check out the actual comments instead before making judgement. Because in case you were not aware, the tabloids often tend to twist the truth somewhat. I listened to Theo's interview earlier on in the day, before the sensationalist stuff arrived and thought nothing of it.

What is the betting that many who are outraged also listened to the comments and thought nothing of them until they read the Mirror's piece. If that is you then unfortunately there is little hope for you, It's too late for you.

Daniel Cowan broke it all down better than I could so just read that if you want more info on this.

It is probably the first time as an Arsenal fan where I genuinely (genuinely) did not know what three attackers I wanted to see on the pitch at the same time. It is complicated because all our players have strengths and weaknesses that his team mates do not. It is all well and good saying that it is a squad game and rotation will have to be the order of the day, which to an extent is true but we know how important developing partnerships are and getting games together is so important to the success of the team. It is why the January 2015 Arsenal team is a far better side than the August 2014 side.

But as is usually the case with us, injuries has prevented us from having a better idea as to what our potential is. Theo and Özil have only played a handful of games together. Walcott and Alexis have started 2? or so games at the same time. Walcott and Welbeck have not played together for Arsenal yet, and so on.

I suspect that we will only see what we are capable of next season if all our players have a pre season, play friendlies and get to October at least without injury in attacking areas. This season post World Cup we started the season pretty much picking up an injury after every game. Fun times. During that time Chelsea had 95% of their team starting every single week.

Anyway on to the other news of the day, firstly we have confirmed the signing of 17 year old Krystian Bielik from Legia Warsaw for £2.4m. Arsène said he will be part of the first team squad but that doesn't necessarily mean he will play in the first team this season. Players like Maitland-Niles have been part of the first team but apart from a few minutes we have seen nothing of the lad. I suspect being part of the first team means he will be training, eating and learning with the 1st team set up as I am sure a few other youngsters are at present.

Like I am sure you have, I've only watched the YouTube clips to get a general idea of his style. Looks very all round and I am sure his mature frame gave Arsène the extra desire to pay the extra bucks for someone his age. It will be interesting to see if Arsène hands him a place on the bench at Brighton because it's hugely unlikely that he will get a bench place in the league given the competition. As mentioned above though, even if he did manage a place on the bench, I couldn't see him getting on. He will need to be patient, not only is he very young but he has a sea of experienced midfield players ahead of him to get past. I am sure many other 17 year olds like Daniel Crowley are also bursting to get on the pitch for the seniors.

Lastly it looks like something is stirring in the centre back transfer pot. Gabriel Paulista of Villarreal seems to be the target but as I'm sure you already know by now a work permit could prove to be an issue. I'd imagine we have a couple other options lined up as back ups just in case we are unable to get our first choice. I say that but we have no ideas as to how many players/clubs we have contacted before Paulista.

He looks interesting from again, the You Tube snippets I watched. I don't think it would be difficult to put together a compilation of Squillaci in his Arsenal days alongside some pumping music and slow mo's and make it look like he was a great defender. That said, without downloading entire matches and wasting my life away this is all I have to work with. He looks like the proactive Koscielny back up type. Aggressive in the tackle, nipping in front of attackers and distributing the ball well from the back. At 24 he is a very good age. Should we get him I would quite like to see how he partners with Calum Chambers who seems to be Per Mertesacker's longer term replacement. I also wonder how he would fare playing alongside Laurent Koscielny should the need arise. It would give us the option of playing a more aggressive higher line in certain games at home where we can squeeze poorer teams to death, especially with Santi playing the way he is and Özil back.

So should this happen, our defensive options would look like this:

That's not to mention young folk like Hayden, Plegu..whatshisface and others. I am guessing the Paulista saga will speed up over the next few days and we'll see what the deal is whatever happens.

Fingers crossed.

Before I go I just want to let you know that there will be a transfer section on the next post match Podcast. Not sure whether that will be recorded directly after the game on Sunday or on the Monday. I'll be sure to let you know.

'til tomorrow.

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