As the Premier League teams jockey in position to take the last bend of this 2014/15 season, it has suddenly dawned on me just how vital our upcoming game with Queens Park Rangers could be for the rest of our season.

In isolation it is just another fixture that will not decide the outcome of where we finish this season but on a psychological level, it could be vital.

We've seen how a big defeat can affect us. We saw it last season after our crushing defeats to those around us away from home, our next few games were a case of taking baby steps and going back to basics. Even in our victory on Sunday against the Toffee men, we focused on not doing anything too stupid and playing conservatively. We have appeared to be a confidence side for a while now, an emotional one who wear their hearts on their sleeves, good or bad.

It is one of the downsides to having a side who are built upon spontaneity and belief in themselves.

So back to the QPR match tomorrow, it is the game before the big FA Cup clash at Old Trafford, arguably the most important fixture of our season so far, at least as things stand. When playing at the Emirates you can often get away with not being at your very best, kind of how we showed on the weekend. But playing in a game of this importance at Manchester United will be very difficult no matter what you think of them compared to years gone by. We will need to be at our sharpest and to get to our sharpest we need to beat QPR, not only beat them mind, we need to beat them by playing well because that is where we get our confidence from.

We know that we will give it a go in Monaco right? We often come out like a wounded animal when the task seems impossible. When we have to play a cagey game, it is different. Now, call me mad but I really believe that we have a chance in France but only if we beat Manchester United. If we don't win then we have little hope in France if you ask me.

But winning at Old Trafford will give us such a psychological edge. We will go to Monaco with our tails up and who knows what could happen if we scored in the first 10 minutes.

If you fancy dreaming a little further then I recommend you checking out this blog by Poznan In My Pants

As a few have mentioned over the last day or two, I would be up for resting both Koscielny and Alexis for QPR. We need those two both fresh and sharp for Manchester United and Monaco, they have both been below their usual high standards.

I see no reason why Gabriel cannot partner Mertesacker for QPR. He will need to be up to speed for Monaco because we will want to play in Monaco's half of the pitch from the off.

Anyway I am jumping ahead of myself here which I guess was the point of the article in the first place.

Right, bath and bed for me. Usual match stuff tomorrow.. err later I mean. Yup, really is bed time.

'til then.