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1) How are you feeling about your season so far? Which of your players has caught the eye since the start of the season?

@AT_Spurs - Not too bad. We saw loads of changes over the summer so there was always going to be a bit of inconsistency, and we've thrown away a couple of leads against Stoke and Leicester. But we've tightened up a lot defensively and are showing encouraging signs going forward. Currently unbeaten in 5 league games with clean sheets in the last 3. Also seeing a lot of youngsters breaking into the side which is always nice to see. Most impressive players so far are Eric Dier, Dele Alli and Heung-Min Son. Think I may have to use my bet365 account to predict that Alli may well turn into the diviest player in the Premier League in future.

@BardiTFC - Pretty happy, it was a slow start with a few draws, but we finally seem to be hitting our stride and playing with an identity. The rumoured Pochettino Press seems to have finally arrived and we are starting to play with direction and power for the first time in 12 months.

Eric Dier has been our standout individual. He has transformed from emergency stop gap into a giant immovable defensive anchor. He eats attacking midfielders for breakfast.

2) Are you happy with your summer business?

@AT_Spurs - In the main, yes. We shifted a lot of deadwood - even Adebayor! - and have strengthened at the back. However we could definitely do with more experience in central midfield, as well as another striker or two to take the pressure of Harry Kane a bit.

@BardiTFC - We sold a lot of rubbish this summer and have streamlined our squad into 25 or so focused and tactically flexible individuals. We may not have bought what Sky or anyone else would refer to as marquee signings, but the business we have done has been quietly efficient. Heung-Min Son, Dele Alli and Toby Alderweireld are great signings.

3) Arsenal have suffered back to back defeats, are you confident in making it a third?

@AT_Spurs - It's always hard to predict a NLD but it's fair to say now is a good time to face them. We've said that before though and it hasn't always gone to plan. However, Harry Kane has yet to open his account for Spurs this season so what better time than tonight. A lot will depend on what teams both clubs put out, but I predict that form and home advantage will be a factor and Spurs will win 2-1.

@BardiTFC - I feel pretty confident, I think our squad is better than yours and we can expose your weaknesses. I doubt Wenger will play the one season wonder Sanchez, so yeah easy.

4) Which Tottenham player(s) should Arsenal be worried about this evening and why?

@AT_Spurs - Obviously Harry Kane, simply for his performance the last time the two clubs faced each other. Heung-Min Son has started strongly, and his pace and directness will be a real threat. Finally Christian Eriksen is close to full fitness and his creativity, as well as set piece delivery, has contributed to a lot of Spurs goals over the last couple of years.

@BardiTFC - It will depend on who Pochettino decides to field. Kane is due a goal, Lamela finally seems to be hitting his stride and Alli has a youthful exuberance and belief that he can do anything. Son is always a direct, two footed, quick flicks dribbling machine.

5) What Arsenal player(s) do you fear against your team and why?

@AT_Spurs - Alexis Sanchez always has an eye for a goal, and a knack of arriving in the right place at the right time. Santi Cazorla usually plays well against us, and Theo Walcott's pace will be tough to defend against. Having said that, both teams will probably put out reserves and none of the above will feature.

@BardiTFC - If we are mentally in the right place I don’t fear any of your players. Giroud occasionally scores against us, Ozil has the potential to do something other than disappearing, but honestly the days of fearing Henry, Pires, Ljunberg and co have long gone. You aren’t a scary team anymore which can be seen in how defensively you tried to set up against us last year, and how you played vs Chelsea when you had 11 men on Saturday.

The days of crippling physical fear of facing you are no more.

6) A few seasons ago there was only a point difference between Arsenal and Tottenham, are you confident about finishing above us this season? What are your reasons either way?

@AT_Spurs - No, not confident at all. As a side, we're not as strong as we were a few years ago, having lost a lot of key players in our post-CL years. However we currently have a lot of talented youngsters who, provided they fulfill their potential, could become a really strong side in a few years time. Anything can happen though - if things click this season we could surprise a few people.

@BardiTFC - You are the only team in the history of the Premier League we have never finished above, there is some weird voodoo going on here, but honestly I have got to the point now where finishing 3rd, 4th or 5th mean very little to me. Beating you is more important.

The reward of seeing your tears is worth more to me and my friends on a human level than finishing above you and seeing £40m get swallowed by the club. Money then playing 8 games in the CL before losing to Monaco/Zagreb etc have no appeal.

I would rather stay and have a good go at the EL every year than freak out about whether we finish above you and make money that I will never see. Bragging rights and knowing we beat you are more important than some UEFA branding, a theme tune and fat cats getting fatter.

7) Do you think Tottenham play a full strength team tonight?

@AT_Spurs - Simply because it's a NLD and no one wants to lose it, I think we'll play something in between a full strength side and the reserves - probably with the big guns on the bench just in case they are needed later on.

@BardiTFC - Our injuries in midfield mean we will probably line up with the Dier/Alli axis of Arsenal eating terror in the middle, but further forward I expect Townsend and Eriksen to start so they can build their match fitness.

In defence Rose, Wimmer and Trippier will probably start, so we will go reasonably strong but not full first XI.

8) Any other thoughts?

@AT_Spurs - Whose name is Clinton N'Jie?


Thanks to the guys above for the contributions.

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