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1) You guys have had plenty of change since the days of Alex Ferguson, how do you feel you are progressing under Louis van Gaal?

After David Moyes then anything would have been considered an improvement! No, we were a mess. Like when Van Gaal first came to the club and said that the whole squad was unbalanced and he was dead right. We've still got about 5 players whose ideal role is to play as a number 10. I think Van Gaal has done a great job personally as he's trying to impose a whole new style on United whilst also fighting numerous fires behind the scenes. The Spanish players were rebelling against him at one stage but the re-signing of De Gea seems to have appeased them for now. I know some United fans think our new style is boring but if they just give it time they'll see that we'll actually be a much better side for keeping the ball and not just aimlessly banging it forward. The problem is that too many fans and especially the press expect teams to bang it forward all the time then moan when English clubs in Europe or the national team don't do very well. Go figure!

2) Who was your most important purchase in the summer?

Anthony Martial. I'm not building him up too much here in terms of ability or saying he's important because he'll do this or do that etc. Simply he's been the best signing because he is the only player we have that runs in behind defences and without that none of our other play works. It's no surprise that since he started playing for us our results and performances have increased substantially. Without him running behind people we get stuck 30 yards from goal and our moves break down. Schweinsteiger is brilliant too. His influence on and off the field has been immense. He gets what United is all about and is fast becoming a legend already.

3) Big game today how do you think you will approach the game?

I think we'll sit in, try and keep the ball for large periods and then attempt to hit you on the break. I'm suggesting we'll play very similar to the way we did at Southampton, only without the awful first 30 minutes! Your strength is your midfield so if we can close you down there and deny you the ball for long periods then I really think we can win.

4) What is your predicted Manchester United line up?

De Gea, Valencia, Darmian, Smalling Blind, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, Mata, Depay, Rooney, Martial

Valencia aside, that's a strong line up. Real shame about Luke Shaw's injury as he was brilliant for us up till then.

5) Which Manchester United player(s) should we be worried about?

Martial definitely. His decision making is absolutely outstanding. For a young lad, just new to English football, his composure and strength on the ball is a joy to behold. He looks to be very special. Depay has all the tools but is so irritatingly inconsistent and makes poor decisions at the moment. He is a young lad though and is also new to English football so you have to give him time. If we can get him and Martial firing together then we'd be a real threat to anyone. Mata is currently in a rich vein of form but not sure this game will suit him as I'm expecting the middle of the pitch to be very condensed.

6) Which Arsenal player(s) worry you the most?

Players like Sanchez, Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain worry me as even when having a poor game they have that blistering pace that can really undo you. Covers up for a lot other deficiencies if you have that pace.

7) Are you good enough as a squad to win the title this season?

Awww don't ask me that. I tip us to win the league every season! Yeh I think we are but the only thing you should read into that is that I'm ridiculously, hopelessly biased! I know there are areas that we are short but Sir Alex won the league with teams and squads worse than this one so why not? Yourselves, City and Chelsea don't look no great shakes at the moment either so its there for somebody to go and snatch it

8) What do Arsenal need to do to win the league?

Sign a proper centre forward and some proper centre halves. By that I mean people that have a bit of 'humpty dumpty' about them (its a Ron Atkinson phrase, don't ask!). I think for years everyone has noticed that Arsenal have a soft centre. What happened to the warriors that you used to have? Players like Vieira that would run through a brick wall to get you a point. You have to have players like that to win the league. You give me any league champions from the past 40 years and I'll tell you who that kind of player was in each. It's strange because Arsenal were always full of those players when I was younger and in Wenger's early days. Why did he stop wanting those kind of players? Look at Chris Smalling for us. This season he's been a revelation because he's putting himself about now and dominating centre forwards. Makes a massive difference.

9) Any other thoughts?

It's interesting when Arsenal and United clash because for so long we were the top teams in England. Many would argue that it might be City and Chelsea now but I still believe that we've a big part to play in the way the prizes are handed out this season. Time for us both to reclaim our rightful place.


Thank you to for the contribution. It should make for an interesting game between two teams who seem fairly balanced at least in terms of league position last season and this one so far.

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