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Creating the ultimate Arsenal inspired kid’s bedroom


Your child’s bedroom is his or her personal space and should be decorated according to the little one’s taste and preferences. If your child happens to be a football fan, you may have to go the extra mile to decorate the room in that team’s colours. If that football team happens to be Arsenal, prepare yourself to deck the room in red and white.


Kitting out your child’s room in team colours can be a fun affair for both of you. Think of the joy the room will give your child, not to mention the bragging rights it will earn from his or her friends. There is also the fact that your child will want to spend every free minute in the bedroom, leaving other areas of the house clean and clutter free.


As an Arsenal fan, your child will undoubtedly want his or her bedroom to capture the essence of what it means to be a Gooner. You, however, may not be very clear about it. Fear not, you can get inspiration on how to decorate your young one’s bedroom – bed, furniture and all – by making a trip to The Armoury, Arsenal’s flagship store located at the Emirates Stadium. Take your child along for a treat and an adventure that he or she will never forget.


Revamping the bedroom


Thankfully, there are a lot of stores stocking football and club branded merchandise, so decorating your child’s room in Arsenal’s colours won’t be too difficult. The following tips ought to be enough to get you started:


  • The bed and furniture. In most cases, the bed will serve as the centrepiece of the room. Luckily, it is pretty easy to decorate. Simply select a comforter or duvet inscribed with Arsenal’s shield emblem or the iconic Gunners cannon. You can also purchase pillows with the team’s logo. A duvet with the team’s solid colours will do nicely as well.


  • The windows and walls. To dress the windows, you can hang curtains decorated with Arsenal’s logo. The background can either be red or white, depending on the other colours in the room.

For the walls, you have the option of putting up wallpaper bearing the football club’s crest. Alternatively, you may opt to let your child hang up posters of his or her favourite football stars. If you have any team jerseys or autographed posters, put them in large frames and hang them up.

You can also decide to install shelving along the walls for your child to display any decorative football knick-knacks or memorabilia such as trophies and footballs. If space is limited, place hooks on the walls for the same purpose. For a finishing touch, hang up a neon club sign or ‘changing room’ sign at the bedroom door.


  • The floor. A rug or carpet bearing the team’s insignia can grace the floor. For a different but attractive look, put down a football pitch carpet to provide an interesting contrast.


The key to decorating such a room lies in balance. Avoid cluttering the room with too many Arsenal- branded items and remember to seek your child’s input every step of the way.

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