Tim Cahill Confident Socceroos Can Conquer China


The Socceroos’s star goal scorer Tim Cahill has stated boldly that his team will be the winner of this year’s Asian Cup. This comes after their stunning 2-0 win over China in suspense filled match held on Thursday this week. It is not surprising that Cahill can make such a seemingly defiant statement, if you consider that this talented striker was responsible for both goals in the match. The goals were sensational to say the least and scored with the flare that Tim Cahill has come to be known for. However you have to wonder whether Cahill should be so confident considering the team’s recent performances. The Socceroos have had a rough start in this year’s Asian cup. This is shown by the fact that the team has only managed to win only one match of the ten it has played so far. When this is logically factored in it would seem that the Socceroos are putting all their hopes on their top goal scorer.  Sportingbet review seem to think that Cahill has a lot of work cut out for him still.

Postecoglu confident in teams ability

Fortunately, it is not only due to Cahill that the Socceroos seem so sure of the prospect of winning the Asian Cup this year. Many people believe that the Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglu will have a large part to play if the Socceroos do win the cup. The source of this hope in Ange comes from the recent performance of the Socceroos in the world cup. Most people can remember that on the eve of the Asian Cup, the Socceroos were set to face Saudi Arabia. Despite being in obvious bad form, the team managed a narrow 3-2 win against Saudi Arabia and this was put down to Postecoglu’s tactical decisions. However the devastating 6-0 defeats at the hands of both Brazil and France, has allowed the Socceroos to really taste defeat. Many people know that some of the best teams in football were only able to achieve greatness only after experiencing great defeat. The Socceroos therefore are undoubtedly looking to rise after a great fall.

That quarter final match

In the Asian Cup quarter final match that took place in Brisbane, Australia, few people could have guessed what the final outcome would be. The Chinese who well known for their fortitude and resilience did not disappoint within the first half of the game. Although boring to watch their tactics worked well, and by the end of the half, all signs were pointing to a goalless 90 minutes. However, things took a remarkable turn in the second half. At only 3 minutes into the second half, Cahill made a stunning bicycle kick to drive the ball past Chinese goalkeeper Dalel Wang in a move that could have been likened to one of the best moments in football. The Chinese could hardly believe it when 18 minutes later; Cahill went on to successfully complete a cross from teammate Jason Davidson straight into the net. At this point, everyone felt that the match was over since it seemed that the Chinese defense had cracked. However no further goals were to follow as the Chinese goalkeeper had learnt his lesson and effectively blocked all attempts.

It seems to many detractors though that one man doesn’t make a team, and it remains to be seen whether Cahill will retain his current form. If he were to pick up an injury, then the Socceroos dreams could be over. However, if he stays fit and continues to deliver, from this spectacular performance it seems that the Socceroos might just take the Asian Cup this year.