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According to sales data from online clothing retailer, Repertoire Fashion, the sales of men’s fashion items are directly influenced by the local football team’s home kit.

Using data gathered from over 1 million sales and product searches over the past two years, Repertoire compared the colours1 of items with the cities where they were purchased.

The most football-mad city is Liverpool, where blue clothing accounted for 35% of sales, showing definite support for Everton. Close behind was Manchester, where red clothing accounted for 32% of sales.

The most popular colours sold in each city, ranked by highest majority of sales2, are as follows:

1. Liverpool – Blue (35%)

2. Manchester – Red (32%)

3. Ireland – Green (31%)

4. London – Red (31%)

5. Liverpool – Red (29%)

6. Coventry – Light Blue (28%)

7. Newcastle – Stripes (27%)

8. London – Blue (26%)

9. Stoke – Red (26%)

10. Southampton – Red (23%)

11. Sheffield - Red (23%)

12. Manchester - Blue (22%)

13. Leicester - Blue (22%)

14. Birmingham - Blue (21%)

15. Leeds - Blue (20%)

16. York - Red (20%)

17. Bristol - Red (20%)

18. Reading - Stripes (18%)

19. Brighton -Stripes (16%)

20. Oxford - Yellow (14%)

Beverley Gough, Managing Director at Repertoire Fashion, said: “We had noticed a trend developing in high sales of red and blue items of clothing in both Manchester and Liverpool, alongside a dominance of green clothing purchases in Ireland. It was when we looked a bit deeper that we identified that this was a nationwide trend.

“We were interested to find out that the sales of men’s fashion items correlated with the local football kit. However, whether this is a subconscious purchase or a show of support for the team in question is unknown!”

Additional facts:

· The day before World Cup 2014 (Wednesday June 11), sales of men’s fashion items jumped 48%.

· The average male fashion buyer is aged 25-34


  • 15 Sep 2015
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