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He is an undeniable talent, and on that will be sorely missed should, as expected he leave the Emirates this summer. But would have we already seen the high-water mark of Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career, and would selling him be such a bad idea?

It’s certainly a controversial sentiment, anyone who has witnessed the German in full flight knows they are witnessing one of the most elegant and creative footballers on this generation.

Mesmeric, enchanting skills – no better exemplified than his wonderful finish against Ludogorets in the Champions League earlier this season – have made him a fans favourite and resulted in admiring glances from Arsenal’s European rivals.

But there is of course another side to Ozil’s game that taints the World Cup winner’s achievements for many fans. Quite simply: he goes missing in the biggest matches.

Last season was the peak of his Arsenal career to date, with his slide rule passing helping to clock up 19 assists in the Premier League alone (in fact earlier his season he had the highest assist to game ratio of any player in the history of the Premier League)

By contrast this season he has made less than a quarter as many chances, as Arsenal have failed to build on last season’s achievements.

Of course this isn’t the first campaign in which Ozil has failed to live up to expectations at the Emirates, after an excellent debut campaign he struggled during his second season at the club.

It’s also worth remembering that he failed to make a real impact at former club Real Madrid until his third La Liga season when he made 24 goals and scored ten

With Arsenal’s season in serious jeopardy, can the decorated German pull a rabbit out of his hat a few more times in service of a club that truly loves players of his type? The days of loyal players like Dennis Bergkamp might be at and end, but The Gunners have never needed some strong shifts as much as they do now from the German.

Next up is a must win game against Man City at the Emirates. In current form bookies might just entertain giving punters a free bet on Ozil scoring or even making an assist, safe in the knowledge they are unlikely to pay out.

But Arsenal fans can hope that this is one big game he does grab the scuff on the neck. In full flow there is no finer player, but there is nagging suspicion we may have seen his best days in North London.

Graphics courtesy of football predictions site KickOff.

Away at West Brom last week, there were planes flown across the stadium. Both pro and anti-Wenger banners adorned the landscape, yet, the manner in which the team lost again left a lot to be desired. There was lack of grit, determination and willpower, but not all the blame lies at the feet of Monsieur Wenger.

The 67-year-old is one of the best managers of his generation, yet, he threatens to leave The Emirates in no manner that is befitting of a person like him, and the majority of the fans are to blame for this. Prior to the home game against Bayern Munich, the fans protested in front of the stadium. Going to Arsenal matches is now a lot easier than previously, as fans are staying away from the club due to unrest, you can get your Arsenal tickets here.

However, the fans should be careful what they wish for. Wenger should not be allowed to leave under a cloud. Instead, he deserves fanfare for all the success he has brought to the club.

In 1996, a certain unknown French manager by the name of Arsene Wenger took over the reins after the exit of Bruce Rioch. He performed creditably well in his first season and in his first full season, 1997/98, Arsenal won the double.

More success followed, and Arsenal have qualified for the UEFA Champions League every season for the past 20 years, which has made the profile of the club and increased the revenue of the club, while shaping the club from the very top to the bottom.

It is fair that the fans have a right to complain after the bad results of this season, but it is their approach that has bordered on downright being disrespectful and disgusting.

Arsenal fans have had to cast envious glances at London rivals, Chelsea FC who we're bankrolled by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, and changed the landscape of the English football league system. Wenger has had to deliver success on stringent budget, the inevitable lure of his biggest players to their nearest rivals.

Lately, the Gunners are looking likely to be toppled by North London rivals, Tottenham, who are building a new, impressive stadium on the site of White Hart Lane; yet, no manager can handle Arsenal players like Wenger does. 20 years at a particular workplace means you have a right to be treated fairly, even if things are not going well at the moment.

Arsenal's season may yet end in success. The North London outfit are in the FA Cup semifinals and are still in the race for the Champions League places. The team facesManchester City after the international weekend, and their overall general record against the Etihad stadium outfit. Arsenal have won five, drawn three and lost two of the last 10 matches between the clubs. Arsenal have two outstanding matches in hand against the rest of the division, and wins in both could be decisive in the race for Europe.

The fans must not bury Wenger until he is dead. It is downright unfair for the fans to castigate him after all his achievements. Steer clear of the banners and perhaps see him bring success to The Emirates. They must never forget The Invisibles, for that achievement trumps all whosoever going on at this point. Arsene Wenger has earned that right.

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Don't Bet on the Underdog

This is just a poor betting habit and can result in the loss of your funds quicker than if you chose to go with the team that has a proven track record. Don't go against the grain when it comes to placing your bets. Stick with making your bets smart and placing your bets with the team that is a more predictable win.


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No matter whether you’re supporting them or boo-ing them every time they take the field, everyone’s interested in Arsenal. With a long and definitely turbulent history behind the team, there’s enough material to last a lifetime, but we’ve managed to select the best insights for those interested to know how they fared throughout the years.

#1 – Finest Artillery

Arsenal’s players are nicknamed ‘The Gunners’, as you certainly know. But did you know it was all due to its founders, who were a group of cannon makers at the Woolwich Arsenal back in 1886.

#2 – Relegation Matters

Being relegated to a lower stratum most certainly matters to any football club. However, Arsenal has no such worries, as they are the only still-existing English football club which has avoided relegation since 1919/20.

#3 – A Special Cup

The Premier League of 2003/04 witnessed Arsenal’s total victory without a single loss. Moreover, the strain of wins had been going on since the previous season’s league, with a total of 49 unbeaten league games which ended early in 2004/05 Premier League. They were awarded a special gold version of the cup that year, for setting a precedent with such an accomplishment.

#4 – Wenger’s Arsenal

Arsene Wenger is beyond doubt the longest lasting manager in their history, so much so he considers the club to be his child. Dating back from 1996, Wenger has kept his seat secure for over a decade now.

#5 – Rivalry

No great club has ever gone its way without a rival. In Arsenal’s case, it’s Tottenham Hotspur, their closest neighbor.

#6 – Wenger & The Cup

Another interesting fact about the team’s manager lingers around the team’s Premiership title. In the season of 1997/98, they won the cup and Wenger became the first ever foreign manager to lift the title.

#7 – International Feats

This club is known to be the sole Premier League representative who has defeated Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena and is known to have triumphed in San Siro over Italy’s AC Milan. Now those were the types of games that guides are written about at

#8 – Arsenal Through The Radio

The game they had played against Sheffield United on January 22nd, back in 1927 at Highbury, ended up being the first ever to be broadcasted on the radio.

#9 – Arsenal on TV

As it seems, whenever technology evolved, Arsenal managed to keep up with the trends. Hence, on September 16th 1937, during an exhibition match between the first team and the reserves one became the first football game to be broadcasted on television live.

#10 – Arsenal in 3D

Being as tech savvy as a football club can, Arsenal have another ‘first’ in January, but this one is truly a memorable one. Their match against Manchester United on the 31st, in 2010, became the first match to be broadcasted in 3D. Unluckily for them, Manchester left the match as winners, beating Arsenal in all three dimensions.

They may have lifted a trophy or two but nothing even close to the dominance which they had in the past. Arsenal losing Wenger poses a very real risk to Champions League qualification, ability to attract great players and the chance of challenging for anything. A new manager coming in would have to revolutionize the club and very quickly, a task which as we have seen, some of the best managers in the World

The race to finish in the top for of the Premier League is set for an exciting end and Arsenal are sure to be involved in the race. The Gunners currently hold onto a top four spot, although a recent dip in form has seen their lead over Liverpool and Manchester United narrow. While Arsenal still remain in the driving seat as they have a top four spot, they can’t afford any more errors, otherwise one of the chasing pack could capitalise.

Arsenal have lost two out of their last three games and only won five of their last ten. That form is not good enough to remain in the top four and it must improve if they want to stay there. Manchester United look to be the biggest danger and Jose Mourinho’s men are unbeaten in their last ten games. They have also just lifted the League Cup, something which will no doubt boost confidence in the camp.

Ahead of Arsenal, Manchester City are just two points clear while Tottenham are three points clear so it wouldn’t be a huge shock to see Arsenal finish second, if they can get their form back on track.

One thing Arsenal do have in their favour is that they hold their own destiny. Arsenal play all of the other four clubs who are looking for a top four spot before the end of the season. Should Arsenal win all of those, or pick up two wins and two draws then they will more than likely have done enough to finish in the top four. However, that also works the opposite way and should Arsenal fail to win any of those games then that would leave the door open for either Liverpool or Manchester United to jump ahead of them in fourth.

Arsenal have a history of finding a way to make sure they finish in the top four and although they have struggled a bit recently, they are certainly good enough to remain in the top four. Arsene Wenger needs to get his club back on track quickly as they have important games coming up but as long as he does that, I have every confidence that Arsenal will finish in the top four.

The run in looks tough for Arsenal, but that also means they can control their own destiny without relying on other teams for help. They need to make sure they pick up points against their rivals, otherwise they could find themselves in trouble, but for me Arsenal are a strong team who will do enough to land a top four spot.

The bookies currently have Arsenal at 2/1 to finish in the top four. If you are interested in placing a bet visit Fanbet for a wide range of bookmaker reviews and promotional offers.


It is really unfortunate that for more than a decade, February is the month when Arsenal fans are forced to think about next season. This is the time of year when they get eliminated from the Champions League and with the league title already out of reach their only remaining prospect is the familiar fourth place finish.

Most Arsenal fans turn to SkyBet promo codes in search of solace. The no deposit bonuses have helped many Arsenal fans overcome this difficult period of the year, but the fact still remains that a league title is long overdue at the Emirates.

Fortunately, there are quite a few positives in this Arsenal squad and with the expected change at the helm, a few new signings and with the extension of key players’ contracts, next season can be the season when the Gunners finally win some silverware.

Change at the Helm

This season is the season when Arsenal fans have finally lost patience with Arsene Wenger. Under his guidance the team has looked bereft of confidence and motivation in so many crucial matches that the majority of fans now desire that he leaves the club in the summer.

However, Arsenal’s board of directors seems to like Wenger quite a lot and it has been rumored that a two year contract extension to his contract, which runs out in the summer, has already been offered.

And why wouldn’t they like him. Wenger is probably the only manager in European football who has regularly delivered Champions League football in the last decade or so while spending as little money as possible on new players.

Luckily for Arsenal fans, it seems like Wenger himself has already decided to leave the club and will probably announce this when the season ends. This decision will be like music to Gunners’ ears, especially as managers, such as Diego Simeone and Massimiliano Allegri are touted as his replacements.

New Signings

When you look at Arsenal’s squad you realize that they are only a couple of signings short of being a title winning team. They definitely need a new left back, since Gibbs and Monreal are nowhere near the required level, and they probably need a new striker as an upgrade to Giroud and the perennially injured Wellbeck.

Other than that they seem like a quality unit. They have a top keeper in Cech, their defensive pairing of Mustafi and Koscielny is probably the strongest they have ever had, Xhaka should acclimatize to the EPL by next season and players like Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain are invaluable as pacy outlets down the flanks.

Offer Contract Extensions to Sanchez and Ozil

It is of upmost importance for the Gunners that players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are offered contract extensions as soon as possible.

Their contracts are up in the summer and Europe’s elite clubs are circling around the Emirates like vultures. If the board doesn’t act quickly and accepts whatever the players are asking, they risk losing two of the most valuable players the English Premier League has right now.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more